How to fix Mystique comments problems WordPress theme when updating to v3.8

To the people who search the response to fix the error in the Mystique wordpress theme, there’s a solution for us.

You must edit 2 files of the theme and the problem is fixed.

Go to wp-content/themes/mystique/js and edit this:

jquery.atom.js : change absolute to relative

var tabs = $(this),
instance = tabs.attr(‘id’);

$(‘.section’, tabs).css({‘position’ : ‘relative, ‘width’: ‘100%’});
$(‘.sections’, tabs).css(‘height’, $(‘#’ + $(‘.navi a’, tabs).attr(‘href’), tabs).outerHeight(true));

jquery.atom.min.js : change absolute to relative

(function(b){b.fn.tabs=function(){return this.each(function(){var a=b(this),c=a.attr(“id”);b(“.section”,a).css({position:”relative“,width:”100%”})

How to edit this, download Notepad ++ or edit with notepad from windows and reupload the files to the server at the same location.

NOTE: I wrote it in English because there are users around the world using this topic. In summary, to repair the mystique wordpress theme in higher versions of the 3.5.2, you just have to modify these two files to the server and resubirlos overwriting the original.

If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!


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