Customize mobile housing with fur skins or design

I read in a forum of people who bought a Internet store some skins, skins or stickers remaining perfectly adjusted to the size of the mobile and also the quality was excellent. So I looked at the website and I was astonished by the pictures that had; the leather designs, titanium, carbon fiber and wood They were impressive!

I thought quickly, this must be worth a paste, it also left me amazed at the price, a total of 12$, shipping included for Nexus 4. They send it from Toronto and arrives via postal mail.

I had a problem, and the first shipment never get home, I buy a 8 April and 26 It had not yet come, but from the web of his contact I sent an email claiming and sent me another without additional expense it takes me 6 days to arrive, perfect, no?

The skin was very easy to put on and is great, if you have a Nexus 4, 5, 7, Iphone, Ipad, Galaxy S4, Moto X, HTC one PS4 or one not what you think, since it is a charming stone Pieles. What if, you read that right, There are also skin for PlayStation 4 by 45$ whole.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Madera


Nexus 5 Titanium


Skin Iphone 5S

Visit the web of skins Dbrand


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