Troubleshoot startup disk partitions GPT, MBR, UEFI BIOS and Windows

This item comes under something that has happened to me, my problem is that when exiting the Windows Update update Creators 10 I skipped one message which read “Windows installation error 10 : design not compatible disc uefi”.After researching, I had it set UEFI , but with MBR system, windows and this seems he does not like, but until then I never gave me any problems with any Windows update. The solution was to transform the MBR to GPT with Easeus without losing data and you let me install…However, as I do not like big upgrades over another, finish formatting Windows 10 from scratch by installing the update creators clean of dust and straw.

It turns out that if we started from an old BIOS (old pcs), the most logical thing is that your hard drive assign the old MBR partition table; and if it comes with UEFI (new PCs), do it in the new GPT partition table. However, The problem comes when you have your Bios set to UEFI, but the partition table of the hard disk is MBR and also want to update your Windows 10 a la creators update.

You can see different ways that type of system you have installed:

1- Download and install Easeus Partition Master Free where you will see nothing but open it if you have MBR or GPT partitions on hard drive, In addition to convert from one system to another without losing data. If you decide to GPT convertirlo, is because point 2 You have seen that puts UEFI BIOS mode.

2- To see if you have the hardware configured as BIOS or UEFI is going to Cortana and write “System information”, there we will look at a fact: Bios mode: Inherited (BIOS) on UEFI .

I clarify the issue if I do not understand well:

1 – old legacy BIOS mode will always be + MBR partition table always = Mode or legacy BIOS Legacy

2 – UEFI BIOS configured as new + GPT partition table or MBR UEFI BIOS mode =

3 – New BIOS configured as old BIOS + MBR partition table = Mode or legacy BIOS Legacy

4 – UEFI BIOS configured as new + MBR partition table UEFI BIOS mode = + Failed to upgrade to Windows 10 creators update

Exists another way to transform MBR to GPT without data loss, the application MBR2GPT, (only available from version 1703 windows 10 creators update) and runs within Windows if we have already installed.

Let's Cortana and write mbr2gpt and run as administrator, then we validate if there is a problem to convert to :

MBR2GPT.EXE /disk:0 /validate /allowFullOS

If you do not give any errors, we can proceed to convert to GPT

MBR2GPT.EXE /disk:0 /convert /allowFullOS

If all went well, we must restart the pc, enter the BIOS and change the Legacy mode (Legacy) UEFI to start the pc, but will not start.

Here I put examples of how to change the UEFI mode or legacy within your Bios; to access the bios, just press one key when the PC is turned on (before it starts to load Windows) it depends on each manufacturer and could be F2, F8, F10, ESC, DELETE or DEL and go to the boot loader or Boot to change the mode arranque.Recordad, if cambiais partition table GPT, It is required to change the BIOS to UEFI mode immediately after.

This manual can be confusing for many people, Make me the questions it takes and will update the manual to be even clearer.



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