Solution for the player Yomvi Canal + does not work in any browser for Windows

few months ago channel Yomvi + He changed the platform to watch TV pay for a version more “new” Y beautiful than before; as well, this has ended up being a disaster without precedents because I do not work or explorer, or firefox, or Chrome on Windows 8.1.

It all started from one day to another, the First, let me go to the app on my samsung tv I used several times, becoming a tv 2013 obsolete platform for Yomvi. When he had resigned myself to it, other good day stopped working in Chrome for Windows and I researching the subject I learned that the “new platform Yomvi ” He used a plugin called microsoft silverlight since July v5.1.30514.0 2014 which is not updated. Now if you have upgraded to 5.1.40728.0 in 2015.

silverlight for Yomvi channel +

Microsoft silverlight installed from here

By not work in Chrome, I tried firefox and do not remember if I run a few days until it stopped; Internet Explorer then either. Definitely, It is a joke !!

Chrome and Firefox : Player error : An error occurred when starting player. Please try again later

Internet Explorer : Internet Explorer stopped working…close program.

Error 6030 : Try to install silverlight eliminator and reinstall or lower build 5.0.61118 0 since Older versions Silverlight

Look back if you have installed some ad-block and do tests with the activating or inactivated it.

22-4-2015 : ATTENTION, It WORKS WITH INTERNET BROWSER OPERA IN WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8.1 NO I did it until I have reformatted.

Download Opera for Windows download Firefox

18/06/2015 : Una is reinstalled Windows 8.1 right from the start, I work in Firefox and Opera.

7/08/2015: There is an option within the web of the channel plus cleaning devices and browsers added. Paragraph accessed from my account-management devices and click on untying.

17/10/2015: They just take a extension to see Yomvi in ​​chrome, I've tried it and it works for me, you it will?

Download Extension for Chrome Yomvi

17/10/2015: Sorry to say the Windows application has stopped working, so if you want to install not you going to work, I leave memory…

Download the app Yomvi v1.3.6 for Windows

18/01/2016: Según reports Papitu, for Windows XP you need to install adblock-plus in firefox to work Yomvi, without it installed the screen is black and does not work.

7/3/2017: According says Jaime, after opening Yomvi in ​​Chrome and logging, instead of clicking on the link, what you need to do is press the Ctrl key and click at a time, with another window will open to send to Chromecast (clicking on the upper right corner).

15-3-2017: Update firefox, new version 52.0 :
It was removed compatibility with Netscape plug-ins (NPAPI) non Flash. Silverlight, Java, Acrobat and the like are no longer supported.

If you put one earlier version It should work again.

29-5-2017: An important point to view it, It is to review popup blockers or ad blockers like Adblock plus..etc .., It could also be that we have some antivirus and block it, choice but to say in the comments is to test the browser Yandex , next to the Chrome extension that is compatible.

Gentlemen channel + , if you do not want people to see all websites by pirates, arreglad your nefarious system first Yomvi and then, Try to remove only then free soccer websites, but, is making a fool, although ridiculously Total Channel.



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