the 6 best file compression files for windows or mac or linux

Here I put the best or more known file compressors for windows.

The first was the winzip(.zip), He was followed by winrar(.rar) and 7zip (.7from). Everyone who comes again, compressed more than the previous.

compresores de ficheros

KuaiZip: A new compressor comprime between 10 Y 30 % more than rar, the zip or 7zip, especially with images and videos. This compressor has died, there is no official website.

Winrar: A classic file compression. With a simple and intuitive program that unseated everyone else is paid, but you can continue to use once their trial of 30 days. Available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

7zip:The best free version so far as to compressors, widespread and known.

Bandizip : ZIP has a very fast algorithm for compression and extraction , you can drag and drop files into the compressor function program and a multi-core compression.

PeaZip: is a compressor and decompressor free It noted for its ease of use, decompression speed and variety of functions, that without naming more of 100 supported formats.

Winzip: It is payment and was the first of all. Brings innovations in its new version:

  • Protects files with AES encryption level banking
  • Connect with SkyDrive, Dropbox y Google Drive
  • Compress and send large files via email
  • Share any file on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

8 Zip: A compressor designed exclusively for Windows 8.x, as it is integrated into the Metro interface and do not need to go to the desktop to make it work. Currently only compressed in zip, 7from, TAKE, GZIP, bzip2, XZ but in the future will add more formats.


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