free hard disk defragmenters for your windows

I consider these tools el to defragment hard drive as essential nowadays, and must have one of these in your Windows. As detailed know that SSDs can not be defragmented, it is called crop and is a very short process in which sorts files otherwise.

So there you go 3 of these defragmenter for Windows:

Iobit Smart Defrag: This is the one I use, from version 1. It is so wonderful that It is as easy as installing it and close the window, and already! by himself is doing. The graphical environment is nice and setup is simple if you want to change any option.

Descarga IObit Smart Defrag

Defraggler: This is renowned, as It is the same company as CCleaner, well known worldwide. The main difference with the previous It is that you can defragment folders or files separately. Otherwise, It is normal in this type of application.

desfragmentador de disco duro 2

download Defraggler

Auslogics Disk Defrag: Very similar to the previous, You can do exactly the same as Defraggler and it is also like IObit, and automatically When the PC is doing nothing in 15 minutes, begins to defragment the solito.

Download Auslogics Disk Defrag

I think I have made the very difficult decision, because all I think are good. I like the first one because I install it and forget it, Auslogics but seems to do the same. All three have a nice graphical environment and should go well.

What do you use you?


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