How to download all versions of windows 7,8,10 y Office 2010,2013 Y 2016

Let's find the iso images of windows 7, 8.1 O 10 u Office 2010, 2013 O 2016 in strange ways or websites that do not know, today there is a perfectly legitimate system to download the Windows operating systems and Office from the same web of Microsoft and then burn a DVD and install .

1 – Isos de Windows 8.1 : The normal method if you need the iso of the windows 8.1 It is bajándonos windows media creation tool and select from the menu that we want to get down version.

Media creation tool de windows 8.1

2 -Isos de windows 10 : To lower the iso windows 10 no other media creation tool that only low versions for Windows 10 and menus choose to do.

Media creation tool de windows 10

3 – Isos para Windows 7 : From the Microsoft website there is a procedure you will require putting your key before windows 7, this is the official way to get.

Download the Windows iso 7

4 – Download all versions of windows 7 hereinafter or Office 2010 onwards with this application :

ISO download windows downloader

5 – It has left another program that does the same as the previous called universal windows downloader, here it is:

Universal Downloader download windows


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