Convert your images or photos 1 click a bmp,jpg,png or gif

Send to convert is a Windows application that It allows to convert from one image to another format immediately in one click mouse.

It is very simple to use, If you use normally jpg format in all your images:

1 – You have to open the program and select JPEG (or you use).

2 – Assign image quality, (as lower quality, File lower weight).

3 – Tell if you want to select a “output folder (alternative folder to put copies), or if not brands, you created it in the same folder without ever replacing the original, but create a new one with a +1 at the end if you do not like as is.

4 – Enable “Add to send to menu, which will add Send to: menu when doing right click the mouse on the image and already!

convierte las imagenes en 1 click

5 – Now just select the images you want to convert and convert them from sending: right mouse button.

In this picture you see on the menu adds Windows Send to: Send to convert after selecting the image or images to convert.

cambiar formato de las fotos en 1 click

Download Send to Convert to 32 bits O 64 bits

it program to convert your images to jpg, bmp,png (preserving transparency) and gif for windows is for me the best and most helpful I've ever encountered, It will serve you?


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