Getting to know the temperature of your PC, CPU, hard disks and if the fans work well or are clogged

Recently, my pc started making a lot of noise; heat, what worked well before, He had stopped doing so and my tower fans did not have enough power to cool internal components.

Upon hearing much noise, and thought it was that, but I wanted to make sure using this Excellent program that tells me if the temperature of each CPU, hard drives and graphics card is correct or not. As well as the speed at which the fans are in RPM.

effectively, everything was sky, so one day I took an extra fan I've placed in front of the hard drives and I have spent a compressed air spray all, thus solving the problem.

temperaturas de tu cpu y disco duro

As seen in the image, the only thing that I could not solve is the temperature of the GPU or graphics card, although this does not have its own fan. I wanted to try a fanless, but if I think what this program, It is not cool at all well alone (but before I had with this fan and also marring…so…).

SpeedFan download for Windows (where it says “the latest version is..”)


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