renaming, shorten, change the extension of your files massively in Windows

Most of us have many downloaded files from the network, whether mp3, films, manuales..etc .., Y This program serves to remove those pesky nomenclatures of the files downloaded in an automated manner and filters.

If we have 10 files with the nomenclature 01. Lady Jesus_[].mp3 , but we want to stay that way 01 – Lady Jesus.wma, we have to apply multiple filters to achieve the objective.


renombrar archivos con renamer


Here we had to make several filters to get, First, remove the filter, we have removed “_[]” to all. then, extension, We've changed mp3 wma, then with case, we have put all the first letters of each word capitalized. Finally, to replace, It has changed the point(.) by high script with a space inbetween.

Consider a second case, now we want 01 – Lady Jesus.mp3 become 1 – the asterisklady jesus.mp3, putting the artist in front.


renombrar archivos todos a la vez


With houses, mark “all lower case” to get this all lowercase, then with strip “digits”, remove numbers. We will continue to serialize, to put it back numbers, but without the 0 in front, and finally, with insert, we will put “the asterisk – ” Y “after text” the script – .

There are numerous filters to do everything, and the good thing is that the design and ease of making changes is very accessible and no complicated menus, that if, It is in English.

Renamer download Beta


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