Putting the Classic Start menu in Windows 8 or change Windows 7

I do not understand because they have removed so useful Windows Start menu 8 Y 8.1, and why they wanted to impose that interface “metro” above all. Innovate is good, but the truth is that It costs a lot to get used to not having a home bar, especially if you come from a Windows 95, like me.

Anyway, Fortunately, there is always someone who solves life and give thanks for it. The application is not new, and use from Windows 7, which also forced me to change the classic Start menu for the new. At least in Vista you could choose, at 7 you could not, and the 8 They have taken everything.


The application is called Classic Shell, and the same applies to the version 7, 8 O 10. If you test, you do not you will change for nothing. When instaléis, what I do is usually only install the start menu, and they are leaving several options:

– Classic Explorer: change the style of the old Windows Explorer and places a new toolbar, (I do not install this)

– Classic IE9: Neither do I install, Original prefer next. – Classic Start menu y Classic Shell Update: They are always installed.

Once installed and started the program, what Change is always that you see in the pictures that puts big “Windows 8 Consumer preview”, to remove, You should go to the options tab and remove the Skin “caption”

– If you do not like to dial in yellow newly installed applications, you have to disable the “Highlight newly installed programs” within General Behavior.


You sure this program has been useful, now you will have your precious start menu in Windows 8. You can download it from the web: ClassicShell discharge

Update 8-11-2015 : Finally this in Spanish, we have to install the latest version and go and download the spanish languages.

Update 21-01-2014: If you look, This program can change the icon you start with one that brings the same program, which it is very ugly. So I bring a pack of icons start button so that you might do that ye.

Download the pack start button icons

Once downloaded and decompressed in a folder, you must go to ClassicShell options Start Button, make custom button and find the path of what you have unzipped. There are 3 colors, blue, Red and white.


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