Ejecting USB devices when they resist

I phrase sounds? “The device is in use. Close any programs or window that may be using the device and try again later“.

As there are two applications that serve to expel those who do not want to disconnect USB and have much appreciation to our Windows.Uno free and other payment.

Usb safety Remove: This is the payment, Perhaps more beautiful and has more configuration options, although both do the same.

como expulsar usb 1

The big difference is that this shows you that is locked and must be closed to eject the USB

desbloquea el usb

Usb Disk Ejector: This is the free, although it has nothing to envy, as it can also eject SD memory cards. The big difference is that this is a portable version.


expulsar dispositivo usb


To download the free ID to Usb Disk Ejector

To download payment, with a trial version 30 id days to Usb Safety Remove


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