Copy the link clean Search Google with Chrome or Mozilla

Since a time ago, google has made a change in internal links when a search is made. So that, when right click and we “Copy link address”, we copy a URL modified very long and that no use to us. = t&RCT = J&q=&ESRC = s&source=web&cd=1&by = 0CGwQFjAA&url= not GAnfT9n2DY_68QORotGKCw&usg = AFQjCNGcacft1TYlWZjcgrs4YIOtl55EaQ


enlace de google no optimizado


For these extensions for Chrome and Mozilla, we can “Copy Link Location” without this annoying tagline google adds copying the link with the right mouse button.


el enlace correcto en google

– Install it from the Chrome Store

– Install the extension Yandex for Mozilla


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