Program, Turn off your pc or restart Windows automatically

How often have we come weekend and we have to shut our windows because there will be nobody to turn it off you for you, but you wanted to finish download an application or movies taking advantage not at home. It also serves to work, when you want the PC to turn off after scheduled backup to do the day.

Amp WinOFF: Simply wonderful program for auto shutdown, restart, Logout etc…your Windows without having to worry about complicated options to configure.

Among typical of these programs, what stands out from others They are the following:

– It allows take a picture of your desktop before shutting down the pc.

– It allows turn off the PC to meet different objectives as off by use of the CPU, user activity or network transfer is below a % delimited you.

It allows make shutdown-restart, etc… in different system users and not only in a profile. And send a message to a networked computer, to alert you that your computer will restart.

autoapagar windows automáticamente

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