Ask for a free analysis of your website to see if this natural positioning optimized for SEO on Google

From this website, part to solve your computer problems so your windows online, without having to go to any physical store, also we do various other things, between her a free analysis of your website so you know if it is optimized for proper indexing or positioning SEO in the Google search engine.

For that, you just have to fill the form from either pages available:

From the blog of IT news

From the web online computer support

In the final analysis a budget attached so you say to change and where to change to improve your web, and is exempt from compulsory but wants to optimize it with us.

Besides that, we also do web pages. Right now we are designing 2 new ones put here when they are operational.

Here is an example of a real analysis (it is not complete):


Title, description and keywords

1- The title of the main page is poorly written and is much improved. 3/10. very grave2- The pages have descriptions. 0/10 . Very serious

3- The keyword that tells me is generic and must develop better. 5/10

4- The loading speed of the web is good. 1.73s . 9/10

5- Use div instead of tables. 10/10

6- Backlinks. there muchos.Perfecto! 10/10

7- .No there sitemap and robots sitemap. 3/10. Although need to know if they are updated. Grave

8- Friendly URL. 10/10

9- Optimized images. 0/10


– The design is fast and very accessible, I suggest removing the song, although it is very nice.

– He has done a good job putting links to many sites that redirect customers to your site


very good, it's in Facebook


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