How to troubleshoot a problem of skype phone and just seeing the customer display

This is the first time it happens this situation, that it is normal that the client tells me he does not want me connect remotely to your PC and everything ends there. But this case has been very different, he also I wanted him to solve, but sharing the screen from skype, talking on the phone and that the technician did my.


no oigo a nadie en skype


The reasons for this is that the uses many management programs, with key, broker, finance and did not want me to connect remote and touch anything that did not want (but I said I was going to what was, solve your problem and already).

The problem was that skype him heard him speak, but he did not hear anyone, which have that program did not help anything and wanted to fix it, because after 1.5h tel. and we solve shared screen.

I hope not become a standard pattern, because that would have solved in half the time! , but the good thing is that was arranged and another happy customer, which it is what matters.





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