Words that mean the recovery, bootloader, dalvik cache, valley, stock rom, root o brick en tu movil o tablet android

I still I have not gotten into the world of roms, flasheos, enter recovery, enter service, odin, Bootloader and many other words…but someday I'll get to the topic, basically when I get bored with my phone and I trastearlo want to reach the peak. Although I did not finish it, one way to do, It is to collect all these strange words that I understand and you may know…go for it…

BootLoader: boot is mobile, We could call it the entire mobile charging process until it reaches the desktop screen. There is locked and unlocked. If this locked bl, theoretically it must be unlocked to start putting new ROMS or rootear.

The boot screen is that we see when we start our Smartphone with the logo of the brand and the logo of movistar, Vodafone…you can also delete or change other being root.


flashear rom, firmware, bootloader, stock rom, root


Root: Being root is like being administrator Windows, Windows only create that user and have all the permissions to do whatever we want with, but we tinker Android mobile to get. This is achieved in several ways, the easiest is with an automated script that runs on Windows with mobile connected to PC via USB. Being root does not mean having to do anything more, for example, I am root my Xperia and already.

ROM: It is an image of another Android operating system, but modified by someone for a particular model of mobile. To change ROM, you have to download and then enter recovery mode to put. This makes us a different official Android and to have the ics or jelly bean in a cell where the x mark did not want to upgrade the operating system (so you buy a new one, and you spend the dough…).

Stock Rom: the original operating system that came with your phone

Custom Rom: an operating system modified by someone

Recovery Mode: It is similar to entering the bios of a PC, where we have several options to configure format the computer or to new facilities…from here we can upload to the mobile a rom we have lowered us in .zip.

flash the firmware: It is often used the Flashtool or Odin. These firmwares are modified to create custom firmware or custom ROMS. These custom ROMS are nothing but modified Stock Firmwares.

CWM : is the ClockworkMod, software created to replace the recovery that comes with the original mobile this changed and more options.

Brick o semi-brick: When you've been doing wrong tinkering and some of the procedures there in the forums, it can happen. Perhaps the mobile enter a constant restart, you see the logo of the brand and infinitely restart again without doing anything. O semi-brick, in which you have screwed up something, but with another procedure can be arranged.

Dalvik Cache: It is a space that uses the Java virtual machine to run Android applications and eventually, the space occupied goes up and can not be deleted if you are not root. It would be equivalent to the Windows temp folders on the hidden system folders, what if there foots They are occupying Mb uselessly.

A phrase that sums it all:

– I will route mobile now that I have unlocked bootloader, and then I'll put the custom rom de cyanogen 9 from the CWM recovery, since the stock rom Which brings me do not like anything that has a lot lag (everything goes very slow). I hope not to have a brick in doing so. They say that in this version you can change the bootscreen easily, so I put the logo of Batman in his underwear.

Anyway, I hope you have become clarified a bit…creating manuals learn a lot, if someone thinks something is wrong to put me a comment!!




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