System applications that we can eliminate or remove your LG Nexus google 4 with root

Although a clean rom google, there are still applications that They spare us alone They are sucking ram and battery without being good for nothing. So here I explain how to eliminate or freeze those apps that come standard on the nexus 4.

The program we use is System Cleanup and you have to have the smarthphone I rooteado (I have a manual on how to do my blog).
Once the application loaded we go to the Apps tab. If you click on a, out information about what occupies and whether or not system. In other clearly will safe2remove (no problems if you remove).If you keep your finger pressed on the application, will another pop-up menu, in which you can select which we now will take, that are:

Backing…complete copy (just in case…)

Freeze / delete – and choose…disable application, (freeze) or delete apk system

Once frozen applications it is best to restart the mobile, and when you return to entering, you will see the tab frozen in the same app.

congelar apps nexus4


Remember that if you want to test, FREEZE is best to remove the app before!!

– Animated wallpapers and display- livewallpaper.apk y visualizationWallpapers.apk

– Bubbles, Animated wallpapers – noysefield.apk y Phase Beam.apk

Mail 4.1 and Exchange Services -If you use only the application of Gmail or other, They can be frozen , since you do not you will use for anything. Emailgoogle.apk y exchange2google.apk

– Calculator



– Facial unlock – Facelock.apk

– downloads – downloadproviderui.apk


Google Korean keyboard, Korean keyboard – koreanime.apk

– Google Play Books – books.apk

Google Play Moviesvideos.apk

Google Play Musicmusic2.apk

– Google Talk – talk.apk

Google + – plusone.apk

– Sound recorder – soundrecorder.apk

– IME and keyboard IWnn iWnnIME (white), Japanese keyboard – iwnnime.apk y iwnnIME_kbd_white.apk

– News & Weather – geniewidget.apk

Picasa uploader – mediauploader.apk


– Sim services – stk.apk

Sound searh de google playgoogleEars.apk

– Street View – street.apk


– Chinese keyboard – googlePinyinIME.apk

– Youtube


If you have removed any app or frozen more, let me know to put them in the article!!


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