Minix Neo X8-H Plus to update the firmware to the latest version

This is a tutorial on like leaving your Minix Neo X8-H Plus to the latest firmware known and some options do not know for serving in principle.

If you just connect the minix first android pc, it is best to update the firmware before you get to play options or download apps to test things.

visit official forum of Minix NEO X8-H Plus to see when they leave the new updates.

Updated: 4-03-2017


1 – Once on your Minix , we must go the preferences option and see what your current firmware version in settings-other-build number. If you have version 20141122 or previous (Notice that the date but Upside down 22-11-2014 ) a procedure that will ensure us a cleaner and more reliable update.

saber version firmware nimix x8-h plus

1A – If you have a higher version and from the 20141225 you just have to go to all my- System updater and upgrade all versions.

2A – For the method 1 we got the firmware 011 20170119 X8H-PLUS or previous FW 010 20160829 Mirror in .rar. Unzip all to a folder, where will the .img file in windows and install the USB Burning Tool v2.0.6.2 .

2B – Only if you have version 20141122 or more new, For the method 2 we will go down the update in zip X8H-PLUS_FW011_20170119 and will copy such in a pendrive with fat32 or a sd then connect to minix.



(Full flash rom, deletes ALL)

1 – Once installed the usb burning tool, we catch the USB cable that comes in the box and connect into the OTG slot and the other end into the PC, Windows will recognize and install the driver in Windows minix (check that you can access the minix).

2 – Completely off the minix. then, with the tip of a clip we press into the slot that puts RECOVER and simultaneously turn on the tv minix until the stick with a static screen with black background minix (You should not start android ). Now we open the usb burning tool.

3 – From usb burning, We see that minix is ​​connected to pc (if not try another usb port on pc)

minix connected to pc

4 – Now let's file-import and select the image that we have lowered “X8H_PLUS_FW010.img” and give it to Start (they just have to be marked default options, no no option activéis plus)

NIMIX start firmware upgrade x8-h plus

5 – When it's over, this message will successfully burning. we can close the program and disconnect the usb pc. Also we remove the power cord minix and we reconnect if you see that you are not doing anything or been off, now turn the minix and wait for update version and load the system .

end actualizacion firmware NIMIX x8-h more

6 – When you start the upgraded system will ask you framings the screen to make it look properly and untrimmed, we get a white frame look around the ends of the tv, ok when we continue the process config.

7 – Now we have the version 010, the latest today, so we have to go all-apps-system update and be updated to the latest version to go out.

update system NIMIX x8-h plus


(Flashing preserving data update. Only from the 20141122)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I had problems with the air control T2 Mouse, only it moves up and down like crazy, but there is a trick and move leeeentamente until it stops and then gently move it up or down until it stops at the desired option and then press the button “intro”.

1 – Minix completely erase el, sd connect or pendrive to Minix with zip without unzipping

2 – We press a button clip the RECOVER + power button until the menu appears recovery

3 – Select apply update from EXT, then choose between Update from udisk (Memory Sticks) o Update from sdcard (SD)

4 – Select the zip we have and when finished in reboot system now



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