Manual to prepe your windows to root an android mobile or tablet

This is a manual for you to have your Windows prepared to make the root mobile or tablets with android. It is a generic manual, prior to any attempt to root android.

In some cases you will need to do this, but still it is highly recommended to have it forever for future.

1 – The first and most important it is to download the original drivers of your mobile / tablet :

2 – Connect the phone to PC and check that windows detects it and everything works ok

3 – Enable development options : go to settings-about phone and press 7 times “build number” to display the development options.

4 – Enable USB debugging mode : within the development options we activate it and see that windows reinstalls a new driver to detect it again. You can get a new message to ask if we accept the RSA key fingerprint, we say ok and always allow.

5 – install android sdk tools onlydirect link in an easy folder ubication like c:\sdkandroid, and once installed, run android sdk manager and install android sdk tools, android sdk tools platform and down all the usb driver (the rest is de-selected)

install android sdk

– If you then need to flash the original recovery or modified we need from windows to the phone via USB, you must copy the zip into the installation folder called C sdk:\….\platform tools or if the serious root within the root of the sd.

– Within the platform tools folder there are two files that will be very important:

  • fastboot.exe : this file only serve as from the mobile we have entered into the fastboot mode, bootloader mode or download mode and has own commands to flash files from MS-DOS mode Windows (called cmd.exe or command prompt)
  • adb.exe : This serves to send commands from the MS-DOS mode but need not be in fastboot mode, it is It can be used simply having connected the phone to usb pc in debug mode.
  • To run these commands, Open the cmd.exe or command prompt and enter the folder where you installed the sdk android ye

android adb.exe

– These are some commands that will be used to check that everything is ready for the root:

  • adb devices : this command written in the command prompt window or cmd os should show the serial number of the mobile which you are connected to windows. If you get the number is that everything goes well, but you could try to restart windows and try again.
  • adb reboot : quickly restart your mobile android
  • adb reboot-bootloader : quickly restart the bootloader fastboot mode or, here will stop working adb and fastboot commands only will the
  • adb reboot recovery : restarts the current recovery mode, either the original (stock) or modified (TWRP of valley) if you've already installed.
  • fastboot devices to verify that the phone is detected by windows, you should show the serial number of the mobile. Only it works if we have entered into bootloader mode.
  • fastboot oem unlock + Bootloader unlock code (Yes, we have it)
  • fastboot oem get-bootinfo to see if it is really unlocked or not the bootloader
  • fastboot reboot to restart the mobile
  • fastboot flash recovery + file to flash , It serves as an alternative to flash recovery leading to factory.

If you have completed the manual and you are ready for any mobile rootear following the manual for each model android.


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