How to validate full Windows and Office, download the best pirate activators

We all know that any program or operating system can be hacked or mislead into believing that it is completely legal and not have to pay for it. We know that pirating is bad for business, but you can not help since one would rather spend that money for other things that are most important (or so he thinks).

Future Pirate windows



1 – In many cases your antivirus will detect it and do not let it install, or once installed will detect that is working and will void the proper functioning, must be dis-enable antivirus and put an exception from the antivirus to not block.

2 – It is always better to use a newly installed Windows or Office, because it is a clean installation, although it is not mandatory.

3 – To run these programs, always It is done with the right mouse button mouse and run as administrator.

4 – Sometimes you do not get on and usually by the type of version we have, since there are versions Volume (VL)and other Retail (RT), so that we may have to back down version if funcione.Por example, Windows 7 Ultimate Windows can only Loader.

5 – From this website is not intended to encourage pirating, simply gathers existing information network and puts more orderly. I will not give help to people not work them one of these methods.


As well, here are the Main applications for Windows and Office that piracy of your copy and become genuine:

1 – Microsoft Toolkit : This activator for Windows and Office activate copies of Windows Vista, 7, 10, Windows Server 2012 and the 8.1. Office will genuine versions 2010, 2013 Y 2016.

To make it work in an automatic way, first we select what you want activated from some icons down right next to settings tab and then activation pincharemos in EZ-ACTIVATOR. Start a process which will tell us if concluded successfully or not.

activate windows and office

Updated 21-10-2016 Download Ms Toolkit 2.6.2

2 – KMSpico : Very simple crack to activate Windows or Office. Versions are working with Vista and 7 Business/Pro, 8.x and 10 y Server 2008/2012. Office from the 2010 to 2016. It installs like any other Windows application, KmSpico then run and when opened in the red button. when finished you may need to restart your PC.

activate your copy of Windows or Office

Updated 21-10-2016 download KMSpico 10.2

3 – KmsAuto Net : The closest thing to KmsPico, and it will activate Windows and Office, either office 2016 or Windows 10 and previous.

kmsauto net

Updated 21-10-2016 Download KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.4.6

4 – Windows Loader by Daz : This trigger is only for Windows Vista, 7 (Ultimate also), Server 2008 y Server 2012. It works in a very simple way, at startup we just click on install and when you just restart the pc.

crakear windows 7 and view
Download Windows Loader 2.2.2

5 – Re-Loader by R@1n : The first thing this Genuine ready to make the next Office and also activates all versions of Windows from XP.

Updated 9-1-2017 Download Re-Loader 3 Beta 3

6 – Validate Windows XP by marvin : This is an application to open a MS-DOS window inside your windows and make genuine copy of Windows XP.

Download the activator to make your Windows XP genuine



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