As rootear and unlock the bootloader of honor 7 European PLK-L01 B121

This mobile has 3Gb of Ram, 8 cores 64 bits, 5,2″ of screen, fingerprint reader, camera 20 MP, Infrared remote control, 4G coverage, SD, Lollipop 5.0.2 349 € on the web amazon the vmall.


1 – Download the driver for installing windows Hisuite and then connecting the phone via USB.

2 – lower pack of root . It includes and TWRP folder. Remove everything as like this in the internal memory (not in SD) .

3 – lower android sdk and install it in c:\android-sdk. Run the sdk manager and then install Android SDK tools, Android SDK Plattform-tools and USB driver from the same application.

4 – Lower flashing pack. It includes recovery of stock B121 and TWRP .Copiar both immediately inside c:\android-sdk Plattform-tools the recovery.img files and twrp_cn.img


– This has happened to me, if you create an id of huawei using the same mail your facebook (that is what you should do but does not work), maybe when you pinchéis in with facebook login screen only you cool and do nothing more or also that once you entered the codes leave a message “Sorry, you must use a phone account to submit this application”. The solution to this is to create 2 new accounts with a new same mail and facebook huawei.

– modo Fastboot : Off the phone with the usb connected. Squeeze and hold the volume button – and the power button simultaneously until you exit the bootloader screen.

– Recovery Mode : Off the phone with the usb connected. Squeeze and hold the volume button + and the power button simultaneously until you exit the recovery screen

Enable USB Debugging Mode : Go to settings-about phone and press 7 sometimes build number to display the development options, usb debugging active there.

This method is proven to root EMUI version 3.1 with firmware B121 (PLK-L01C432B121)

– Remember that this mobile can be left as it was new, I mean that if we unlock the bootloader or change the recovery, both changes can be reversed leaving factory to send to repair if necessary.

– For if you were needed, here is the Rom entire B121 for PLK-L01


Unlock Bootloader not format or reset the mobile (although I have read that there are people that if you have done, but not to me)

1 – these points 3 data, you see About phone-state and says the IMEI1 and serial number (S/N). It also opens the app the phone and dials this combination to find the Product ID: *#*#1357946#*#*

2 – Go to this website
huawei unlock and log-L04 h60

another page to unlock

Accept the disclaimer, change the language to Spanish top right, click to register on the Web Huawei and on the next page top right mark “Register email address”, fill in the details with the same mail of your facebook account and send, then validate your user with the mail sent to you.

Click now to login from Facebook, and fill in the details with your facebook account (which it is the same as before) and accepts all the permissions they ask. This is required to unlock any model or huawei honor.

Now fill in the details and this will give you a code that you must print, copy to a txt or whatever you want to keep him.

Get Code bootloader PLK-l01

3 – Enter Fastboot mode and you will get a screen like this, but will phone locked.


4 – Open command window or windows cmd.exe, go to the path where instalasteis the sdk and write what you see in the picture

fastboot devices to verify that the mobile is detected by windows

fastboot oem unlock + code 16 numbers

fastboot oem get-bootinfo to know if it really is unlocked

fastboot reboot to restart the mobile

Bootloader unlock honor 7

5 – Restarting the honor 7 we go to settings-development options and activate usb debugging


1 – We walked back into fastboot mode and flasheamos the revovery :

fastboot flash recovery twrp_cn.img flasheamos the TWRP recovery

fastboot reboot


2 – Now we enter recovery mode and will open the TWRP, where will press install, flasheamos and then a swipe to the right, then restart.

3 – Now we turn off the phone and We walked back into fastboot mode to put the recovery at the factory and can receive new updates ota huawei without problems or future bricks.

fastboot flash recovery RECOVERY.img

4 – We are already root !! you will see the application SuperSU applications.

If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!



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