As rooting and unlocking the bootloader to Huawei Honor 6 European H60-L04

The brand Huawei Honor 6 has 2 versions, the China (H60-L02 and L12-H60) and European, the first has dual sim apps and some Chinese who have to finish uninstalling that does not understand anything, and European (H60-L04) It is adapted perfectly to the Spanish and brings a sim.

This mobile has 3Gb of Ram, 8 cores, 5′ of screen, camara 13 MP, Infrared remote control, 3G coverage, 4g or wifi amazing , SD, frictions 4.4.2, 2 year warranty and 300 € on the web amazon.

Look at you the steps to get the number of manual unlocking bootloader root al honor 7, especially thus referred to facebook.


1 – Download the driver for installing windows Hisuite and then connecting the phone via USB.

2 – lower android sdk, install in c:\android-sdk, run the sdk manager and then install Android SDK tools, Android SDK Plattform-tools and USB driver from the same application.

3 – Descargar Honor multi-tool, extract it to a folder and run, close and re-run (It connected to Internet and low updates automatically).

3A – Copy SD in your honor 6 (5-5-2015: I think now no need to copy).

4 – You see on the phone and press 7 sometimes build number to display the development options.

– modo Fastboot : Switch off your mobile, disconnect the USB. squeeze and hold the volume button – and a few seconds then connect the USB cable to mobile

This method is proven Roteo for EMUI version 2.3, but also serves to it spin EMUI 3.0 O 3.1 .

– Remember that this mobile can be left as it was new, I mean that if we unlock the bootloader or change the recovery, both changes can be reversed leaving factory to send to repair if necessary.


surprisingly, unlock the bootloader not format or reset the mobile, which it is great news.

1 – these points 3 data, you see About phone-state and says the IMEI and serial number (SN). It also opens the app the phone and dials this combination to find the Product ID: *#*#1357946#*#*

2 – Go to this website
huawei unlock and log-L04 h60

Accept the disclaimer, change the language to Spanish top right, click to register on the Web Huawei and on the next page top right mark “Register email address”, fill in the details and send, then validate your user with the mail sent to you.This is required to unlock any model or huawei honor.

3 – Go into bootload unlock er h60-L04 , accept the disclaimer and fills the data taken from the point 1.

3a – To unlock mobile H60-L02, L12 or H30 (that would be the 3C) It must be done from this link and enable automatic translation from chrome: bootloader unlock h60-h60 l02-l12 or

Update 6-7-2015 : Every day things change, Now another option is to send an email to so that you unlocked the code as there are problems to do it yourself:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am not able to generate my bootloader unlock code for my Honor 6. Please send me the unlock code for my device:
Model: H60-L / 02/12/04
SN: xxxxxxxxx
IMEI: xxxxxxxxx

unlock honor 6

This will give you a code that you must print, copy to a txt or whatever you want to keep him.

4 – with mobile connected to PC, you see development options and enable USB debugging (It must be enabled until the end of the process), wait for Windows to detect and install the driver again adb.

5 – Enter Fasboot mode and you will get a screen like this



6 – Open the folder where it was the multi-tool and run the Honor6MultiTool.bat , Now bootloader bootloader-unlock and enter the code 16 digits that gave us the previous web…voila, already we have desbloqueado.Puede to restart and then exit the same screen but put red Unlocked.

* If to put the unlock code and run the unlock bootloader gives you an error that does not detect mobile, you have to restart the pc, this can happen if you have installed the android sdk without restarting the pc.

desbloquear y root a honor 6


Adb install the driver we are asking us in the first step of multitool, once you installed we can say no when notice appears again

7 – We go back into fastboot and now from Honor6MultiTool.bat will install cwm-recovery-i have unlocked bootloader, (the next step is done automatically multitool) mobile will restart and enter the CWM recovery, (volume buttons up and down menus and the power to run)select Inglés with the power button and then do a backup on sd-card (just in case, it's not mandatory), when finished press backup “go back” to install zip from sd-card and look for the we have already copied and installed before.

Then hit reboot and leave an option that will tell you to fix the root (fix root) , NO need to dial !

Mobile restarts and back to off to put back the original recovery to keep the next update to EMUI 3.0 who has come for all models honor 6.

8 – We entered fasboot again and we tell from the multitool stock recovery recovery-install-h60-L04-EMUI 2.3-Install Stock Recovery B109SP01, mobile will restart alone and went into the original recovery where we will tell you reboot…and already!!

8A – If you have EMUI 3.0 , the stock recovery to be installed is the Install Stock Recovery-B370

8B – If you have EMUI 3.1 , the stock recovery to be installed is the Install Stock Recovery-B521

9 – at the end, You can now remove the USB debugging mode on development options.


If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!



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