As rootear your Google Nexus 4 with Jelly Bean version 4.2.2 y Nexus Toolkit

I have it in my hands, and I leave behind my xperia.. I ordered the Nexus 4 a 28 February 2013 and I got home on Monday 4 of Marzo..2 working days it has been slow in coming, amazing. I have bought Release 8 Gb, but it is a bit disappointing connect your phone to pc and see that there are only SD 5.66 gb free, so if you can pay for the version of 16 Gb, for the better. EYE!, takes micro-sim !! not the normal sim .

I have found 3 methods to root the Nexus 4, and this is what I've used. Then I put the others.The steps to do so are these:

Rooteo for Google Nexus smartphone 4, version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean con Nexus Toolkit.

This same procedure applies to any new version of Android.




1 – Get off the Nexus Toolkit

2 – Install Nexus toolkit (following…following..) and then leave a small window 2 options, in the first selected Nexus 4 (LGE960) and the other version 4.2.2 Build JDQ39, we give the ok. Now started getting off the latest updates of files to process and accept all. We left it there..

3 – Prepare the phone to display the development mode. Let's settings-phone information- build number and press with your finger a 7 times until you've got say how developer. Go back and see development options. Now we activate the USB debug mode and accept the notice.

– Note to know. From step 2, until the end, I had plugged the phone to the PC via USB in USB debugging mode and have not disconnected even once (This is true if you do not have a problem with section 2A)

– This process, too allow upgrade to new Android versions without any problems

– It is normal that when you conectéis mobile to pc install a driver, and it is normal that when we connect in debug mode reinstall the driver on windows.

This process or any other, Erase everything you have on your mobile !!



1- install windows driver. Open Nexus toolkit and we full driver installation. We go to Step 2 and install Windows xp-vista-7 version PDANet drivers, la raw drivers para windows 8. When we click on PDANet, simply have to follow the small tutorial that appears on the left and follow their 9 steps as you appear in the installation.

1A – OPTIONAL: Another option to install the driver, It is to use that comes with the android SDK, download it from here and unzip it in a folder, connecting the mobile to pc, Windows will detect the mobile and from control-panel device manager, with the right mouse button over nexus 4, update your driver and give the path where you unzipped the driver…This will install it correctly you…

2 – Now we go to step 3 for the first time, plug the smartphone to the USB debug mode activated(already be done because if you have stock options until the end…) and you should detect and install the device in windows.. You can see that this ok from control-panel device manager.

Usb..esperamos deactivate debug mode a few seconds and you will return to this message activar..ahora “The fingerprint of your key RSA is: ….Always allow and accept”. Then we accept the request and mark the box Always allow.


driver installed nexus4



2A – EYE!! Only if this is as you see in the picture above…(android composite adb interface y nexus 4) if it does not so, disconnect the mobile, reboot the pc, reopen the device manager, We connect the phone and check that everything is correctly without exclamation points or anything. if not go well, reinstalad the driver again, Do not go from here until this all well installed.


Yet here ok, continue pressing for full test driver. The phone will reset itself and enter Fastboot mode, He will do some tests and probably you will get a message that the adb is in offline mode, an error that is fixed in the 2B… (you continue giving ok to the warning messages until the android nexus to restart again).

2B – With mobile connected to PC, usb..esperamos deactivate debug mode a few seconds and you will return to this message activar..ahora “The fingerprint of your key RSA is: ….Always allow and accept”. Then we accept the request and mark the box Always allow.

2C – Now, We have become the full driver to test; this time if they will not give you any errors, Nexus will reboot entered fasboot, it will restart and enter the home screen android. You'll get a message Success in windows!!.


3 – Make a backup of mobile. I have it again, I have not installed anything, so we can ignore this step, or just give backup and then backup all android apps-Create backup file. I ask where to store the PC and then automatically restart the mobile, will another menu that you must accept and another in the cell phone should accept also. If you want then you do separate contacts, sms or apn.



4- Unlock. Procedure before Roteo or unlock the bootloader. We click on the option and what question is that if we do it the or we go into fastboot's turn off and mode… so the easiest is the SI and to do so the.

In the mobile will…Unlock bootloader? with the volume key + select the yes and the power button select it. It will reboot and enter the menu android as new, you must configure the basic options and now we must return to make the common choice 3.

5- Root. There is no mystery. We run the option restarts several times (there is a time coming out as if to install the driver windows..pero nothing happens, no way) until it leaves access to phone Now open SuperSU , binary update (if any), and then busybox, where will press on install…and already!

– If you want to install the recovery at the same time the root, we must go to options and choose the TWRP custom recovery options or CWM (I installed the CWM), then select “and also flashcustom recovery.

6 – Now we go to restore menu and restore it before.




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