As superuser rootear or make your Tablet Motorola Xoom 2 10.1 Wifi or Multimedia

There are many websites and online manuals where they put as do, I have found one that has done very well to the root, and so will I explain it here.

Update 16-05-2013: New manual for root ICS 4.04 available on this website

1 – Tablet that we? It must be the Motorola Xoom 2, Wifi model, Multimedia or 3G

2 – Android operating system have? Must be the last, the 3.2.2 (until August-September there will be no ICS)

3 – We have connected the tablet via USB to the PC Windows ever? If you have never connected the tablet, you must do and settle the Motocast for Windows to detect and install the drivers automatically. Motocast is installed by connecting to PC USB XOOM2, and jumping the installer by himself.

4 – That program we need to get the root? We got off the file Dan Patch the hard disk and unzip in a folder then execute.

5 – We have to play something on the tablet? and, two things. You should go to Applications-Development menu and activate “USB debugging”. Also go to Settings-Applications and enable Unknown sources.

6 – Now what? Good, well connect the tablet to the PC, Windows you should say that detected the tablet without problems and now run the program we have lowered, so we give the run.

7 – Leave a window of MS-DOS, where we have to click to enter to get started, by himself anger doing and restart the tablet three times, do not touch anything, as does everything and at the end tells you that this ok.

root a xoom 2

8- Now what? good, we downloaded any application that says google play “root checker” and found that this all good. The Titanium Backup also tells you.


9 – IMPORTANT: Do not remove or uninstall any application that comes factory, (preloaded), because when ICS come, will not let you install the update. In order to solve it, You would have to re-install those apps that you eliminasteis to upgrade to ICS, but, always give error.Asi that if you want to delete things, first make backup of each, for that you will have to put back.

9 – Now that more? Well, we can settle the programs you want, I first thing I installed was one that allows you to restart the mobile (There are also widgets). Do a search for “root restarten google play. After I installed the Titanium backup that lets you uninstall programs you do not need and that are preinstalled as the “Diijit”, google books…

10 – As I have understood, this root with the option to continue using the updates come from Motorola is not lost, unless you that you have uninstalled any program that comes factory.



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