As rootear or des-rootear (unroot) Minix Neo X8, X8-H y X8-H Plus

This is a small manual to do the android root Minix Pc in all versions starting with X8 and regardless of the version of firmware (I have done with the X8-H Plus and firmware 007).

It is a very quick and easy process to make, besides being able to give the unroot at the time you want.

Must know that…once you have done the root, ye you may encounter problems upgrading the firmware via FOTA, that is to say, from the application drawer- system updates, so before doing the right thing would be des-rootear before upgrading. Also that if you opt to update the firmware manually using a file download, This will remove the root and we will do it again with the new version. See them methods of updating the minix .

1 – We got off the root file for our Minix X8 and rename it to then. We got off the file unroot and then rename it when we want to de-rootearla. Copy it to an SD or flash drive formatted to fat32.

2 – Minix completely erase el, sd connect or pendrive to Minix with zip without unzipping

3 – We press a button clip the RECOVER + power button until the menu appears recovery


4 – Selecciona apply update from EXT, then choose between Update from udisk (Memory Sticks) o Update from sdcard (SD)

5 – Select the you want and when finished in reboot system now. Finished!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I had problems with the air control T2 Mouse, only it moves up and down like crazy, but there is a trick and move it slowly until it stops and then gently move it up or down until it stops at the desired option, then press the button and "intro". If you connect a USB keyboard should fix the problem.


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