How to restart or shut down your mobile android with a scheduled task with root

If for some reason, we can think that the best for our mobile is restart each day or turn off automatically at a specific time without having to do it manually to spend less battery or “clean” the processes that are slowing down our android, we have several solutions.

It needs to be root to be able to do

– Recall that android is impossible to turn the phone on a scheduled basis, You can only be shut down or restart.

1 – Restart or turn off your mobile phone in a scheduled task with Tasker : we only Register-Time- in From the time we want, to demarcate, we repeat and we mark 24h, We throw back-new task-adding action-Misc-Restart-type and choose normal or off-shoot back.

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android restart or shut down automatically

2 – Restart or turn off your mobile phone in a scheduled task with AutomateIT : Create a rule and choose the time and repeat every day or uncheck the box and select the days you want-Action: Restarting the device or device-Rule put off delayed implementation and change minutes or seconds and always active.

download AutomateIT

3 – Try this free application Auto Off


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