How to remove or make the time un-root to a mobile or tablet android

Those who have mobile or tablet rooteada, we know that for example Movies in Google we can not enter, other than that also we know that Android updates can not be made via OTA (when you out to update the version from the mobile) . For these applications can we achieve overcome these drawbacks.

ATTENTION: This article is already outdated, It not usually served from higher versions android 4.3 O 4.4



For that we have 4 applications, that you may be working or not…it is to try:

Voodoo OTA RootKeeper (removed from google play)

Only it works in earlier versions Android 4.3

If we want to update via OTA, we have to run the temp-unroot and then run the update of Android.

SuperSu : We have to go to application settings and click on Full Desrooteo

Ginger Unroot (Payed) December 2012 , jelly bean for maximum

according says, you must have installed Superuser or SuperSU. And what it does is take away the root definitively.

Hide Root (Payed) . Only it works in earlier versions Android 4.3

The developer warns that there have been errors with Samsung and HTC, and do not forget to click on “UnHideYourRoot” if you go to uninstall and is currently in “HideYourRoot


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