Changing the rom of your Xperia Arc or Arc S from recovery

I released rom change my xperia arc s, so I put a manual to install the recovery, and from there we want to put the rom, in my case I'm testing the miui v.3.1.25.



1 – Have your Xperia Arc or Arc S I rooteado , on this website you will find manuals

2 – Know if you have locked or unlocked bootloader. To know it is very simple, if all you've done with your mobile phone is rootearlo or have not done anything with the, I have blocked, like me.

3 – Install the application X-Parts, go to the tab and then installs Install CWM (Clock Work Mod Recovery). When installed, Try restarting the terminal works from Tools-Reboot.

restarting, when you see the logo of SONY, apretad key back repeatedly until it come out like recovery menu to the next image.

3A – If the CWM is not installed with the X-Parts program, there is another method.

Get off this archive, unzip to any folder….put usb debugging mode from development options, connect your phone to pc, run the file “install-cwm1.cmd”…give root permissions from the mobile when prompted and then close the bat when finished.

Now it's the same with xparts, disconnect your smartphone from pc, restart the phone and when you leave sony logo, keypress back repeatedly until you exit the menu recovery.


Every time a new rom instaléis, the CWM Recovery is deleted (or you may come pre-installed in ROM), so you will have to reinstall it over 3 or 3A, the first work.

To move around the menu recovery, It is made with the volume buttons +/-, and the back button to execute the order with the middle button or home.

Each rom usually occupies a 230 Mb and lowered from the links provided by the chef. This is copied to the root of the SD as it comes in .zip .

Roms usually come rooteadas, for example, in miui it has to be enabled from the settings menu, and the doogy rom already enabled by default.


Each time you want to change Rom, you will have to know if you have locked or unlocked bootloader, as there are roms that support the two possibilities and others admit only unlocked.

Every cook clearly specified, so you will have no doubt as to do so in either case.

For example, rom the first I installed was miui v.3.1.25. It is accessed from the MIUI foro (V5 for unlocked bootloader).

Update 01-10-2013 . MIUI V4 version for bootloaders locked / unlocked:

When we entered the post, This clearly stated that requirements need, in the case of blocked bootloader:

*Original SONY ICS official firmware v 4.0.x or other ROM always cooked and when a version of Android ICS

*ROOT y CWM Recovery

And as in the case of the ROM installed also:

  • Download the ROM and copy it to the sdcard, then reboot into CWM recovery mode, and in all cases you come or not of an earlier version of this, beam all wipes as follows:
    wipe data/factoy reset,
    – wipe cache partition,
    advanced->wipe dalvin cache.
    – go to “mounts and storage” –> “format /system
  • Finally in the CWM enters “install zip from sdcard”, pulse “choose zip from sdcard” and find the zip file containing the ROM and confirm installation and restart at the end.

Once made steps, when starting for the first time, It takes longer than normal, even the mobile is very slow the first few times you use it until it settles down and starts going fluid.

After installing miui, I wanted to try something very different rom this. that it's called XPERIA DOGGYROM STYLE, and it has clearly indicated that it can be used in neo / v, arc y arc s, with closed or open boot loader and explanation on how to do it.

Update 28-01-2014: Now I've tried installing the Xperia Android-based Ultimate HD 4.0.4 what I believe that It is an almost perfect rom, doggy better than the undoubtedly.

It installs easily, We copy the rom on the sd, We enter recovery, we wipe data / reset factoy, Mounts and Storage –> Format /System y Advanced > Wipe Battery Stats. Install from sd card then we choose the rom and it will leave a menu very nice facility where our guests can choose various configurations, the end unchecking putting reboot and do it from the recovery in reboot system now.

XPERIA_Ultimate_HD™ the Xperia Arc, Arc S y Pro

Anyway, I hope that will be useful and above all have understood all, since it is not hard to do. I hope your comments !!

If this has served you help, You can thank me with a donation by Paypal, Thank you!!



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