Firmware update T-GASDEUC-1026.0 for D65 and D67 Samsung TVs

I found on the website of Samsung one update for Smart TV 2011, specifically for D65 and D67 models. this update 1026 only available for upgrading from usb.

I have fallen in love with this firmware update, It has greatly improved my image and everything looks clearer than before, I had the version 1018. If it was good image quality before, now even better!

Update 10/06/2015 : In this article spoke of the update to version 1026, but there is news, KIRK because I could see that a new, the 1027, but which is even better thing, why I tried the update from the Internet and installed me 1028 from menu-update from the network. In this version 1028 what I noticed is greater agility and speed when changing channels which I have made my day.

actualización tv samsung 1026

To access the download, We must go to Samsung website

My model is the UE40D6500 , thus matches the D65 model and can be updated. The file is 112MB and is installed in this way:

1 – We got off the exe from the support site of your model

2 – Copy it to a flash drive and run it in the pendrive, will get a menu to remove it and we said it removed within the pendrive.

3 – If we had the TV on, we turn it off and connect the pen to the USB slot 1 (HDD)

4 – We turn on the TV and go to MENU-Upgrade from USB. In a few seconds you detect that an update, we say Ok and anger only by the process. Reboot the TV and say it's over

It is a great improvement, but thought it would accelerate changes channels or TV Guide, but hardly noticeable changes in that, I have not seen any option to add more menus.


Capitalizing on the topic, detail things that happen to me and there is no way to fix

1 – I can not disable the notifications menu programs for minors, I have it disabled, but then I just always asking for the unlock code.

2 – I can not get the auto time work and I have to manually change, so that each time we change summer and winter time puts me wrong

3 – I have not do, but before the TV alone was lit and began to change channels, hearing everything but the black screen, then he turned off single.

Does anyone feel the same? It would be useful here your comments



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