Book a zombie apocalypse affects a refugee family in their mountain home

Which would you do if the Apocalypse knocked on your door and surrounded estuvierais zombies in your mountain home with your wife and daughter of two and a half?

This is part of this little story I wrote in 4 nights and retouched by many more days, expressly written for a contest themed zombie.

As you will see, this is a video recording, ending when the camera battery is finished. There is no narrator in the story.

I am continuing, but I need opinions about whether you, audience, I would like to see the continuation. Put final note if you read it in a comment, Thank you!!


From the terrace I see, there they are, hitting the wooden doors of my house mountain, who would have thought that the end would come so many, luckily not tear down those doors, and put me handle all latches and I found some wood as reinforcement, are not many, although there was never more than two or three hanging around here. Son 8, of course, there's my neighbor in front, with a bloodied face and that her arms staring endlessly pounding, my neighbor lifetime since I came to the mountain resort.
There are seven more who do not recognize, maybe they came here with the idea of ​​shelter but did not have the same fate as us, but that of, and they will go, always they end up going. I always thought this was the safest place where we could be, and I have not wrong, to get here you have to climb 20 km of steep slope, when you are driving need to change to second in many places but the car stalls. The problem is that many thought like us and maybe too many either one of them.
You have to see how things are, from childhood, always he had the same dream, that night after night and repeated curiously, It was also in this same house, and I should have, I dont know, 14 years, 13?.. My dream was always the same, It was night and was at the end of the slope spoke before, from where you have great visibility including much of the road and the river on the horizon, and further back, on a clear day, the sea.
There was, night and seeing some small lights in a line coming from the farthest imaginable, distinguished only if you looked straight into the particular area. But in a few seconds when I used to think they were and could be, looking the other way or even the clock, when he returned to look, those little lights and looked bigger and had approached much more. This was repeated every time distracted me with something else. There came a time when the lights were transformed into figures of people carrying a kind of torch ...
– If Laia? What do you want?
– Who are these people?
– They are bad people Laia, why do not we go outside and are home sky.
We will I have presented, this is my daughter Laia, which has just 3 years and also this my wife Zenaida. As imaginareis, This puzzled as to why these things are hitting the wooden doors of the house and do nothing to stop. Good, He is going to play with the doll, I'm still counting ...
As, He said, the lights were people with torches in hand, slowly they went up the hill, but only they advanced like flying when not watched. And there began panic, in minutes, 15km journey had barely flinching and knew that with two more confusions came to where I was. So prisoner of fear, I left there quickly, and I appeared on the doors of my house. In nothing, and I saw right there, 500m from my position inching, as if they could take 1 hour to travel that distance. I could catch a glimpse of the face of the first row with a kind of hoodie that covered his entire body, but what shocked me most is he not see his face and just distinguish red eyes, dim bulbs as if they were about to go out.
I went running to be inside my house and took my cluelessness those beings to reach the gates (as now), from there, from the upstairs window, I could clearly see them, They seemed a lot of monks with torches and sweatshirts, but with face dead, He disfigured as if someone had burned the face ... there was even one that stared me, I recall your look like now, his eyes looking at me with rage, but when I entered more panic ... wham! I woke up sweating at night. This happened to me many times, not that I can not remember every detail of that dream every day.
We can say that is a premonition? I am clairvoyant? Maybe yes, or may not, why, the truth, as all this began, nobody would have given a cent for a similar story.
I'm tired, since yesterday afternoon that these rotten not stop roughhousing with my doors, we could not sleep at all, Good thing here is water cistern and even have half. There also have been collecting fruit such as blackberries, plums and I planted garlic, onions and potatoes that someday will bear fruit. Although I do not think they're much more, sure they go tomorrow if we make no noise, TV does not emit days and nothing here has never had internet, now without electricity. Luckily the water ...
I've always been a fan of zombie movies and books of this subject, They were before terror, or even science fiction, here I have a zombie survival manual I've read already several times. He really went very well and has been very helpful, but to start all, nobody knew what could happen reach.


Actually not many things as he began this end of the world, as understood, Already they predicted the Maya, there would be a big change in December 2012 or even the apocalypse as other ... I laughed, I and millions more laughed at that. Nostradamus also, the last pope would be black and would signal the end of time along with another story of a meteorite that ravage the land. At the end, nor meteorite, Pope nor black nor end of 2012 was in August ..., in the middle of heat wave, where there has been the highest temperatures recorded since 1850 throughout Europe…Although we could also say one of the phrases par excellence, when the river sounds….
Good, I am going to explain something that will leave dumbfounded, because who see this, if someone comes to see ever, will believe that is not true, but here goes!
– Sweetie! gates?
– Shit! Those bastards have broken a wooden?
– Down to see please, you see see that they have broken!
– Pope passing?
– Fuck! I'll take my ax and go down the stairs to the floor below, I will try not to make noise, but those things will not go never!, Shit! They have broken a wooden window! And now I do Zenaida?... The point it with the noise that entails, or I leave so? Fuck!
– Love!, They have broken a horizontal tablet whole door, you can see the outside halfway through the hole, I see the face of our ex-neighbor who keeps beating! What I do, I tapo or wait until they get tired and do not make noise?
– I told you that window apuntalaras!, I said you did one week ago! shit David! Why did not you do it? We will not leave here!!
– Do not cry darling, do not Cry, They have never been so many, I thought it was not necessary to!
– Why are you crying mama?
– Nothing happens my love, He is tired from lack of sleep. I think the best is not to make noise, it will be better, It sure beats ... PLKAFFF!!PLAFFF!! PLKAFFF!!PLAFFF!!
– Be mine pitufinas, put you ear plugs in, come, nothing happened ... we've been in worse situations!
Good, I will also put plugs, because otherwise I'll get nerve, and that can not happen now. It would explain how all this began ...
The truth is that hid everything from the beginning, the first cases were dying in hospitals where the terminally ill and then returned to life as if nothing, eager for human flesh (if possible) or any animal that they encountered along the way. Like any zombie movie, those who had gnawed in front and did not stop until satiated, a good time to flee, since they already had their prey, however that it did not happen, because at first the security guards, outside what might happen to them after, the stop trying anyway, less than we know, tearing away the head.
– Sweetie, You have another camera battery charged?, I think it is running out!
– But you want to record this?
– So that when this is over, I always remember and not forget what is happening and can drink a beer while we quietly. Laia want to know what has happened in the future…
– This is the last battery that remains after power failure.
– I know, Damel.
All health centers, when they reported on what happened to his superiors, They agreed not transcend media and TV and radio was general silence, since they could control putting the terminally ill in controlled rooms. Little did they know, was that those who were bitten, they went to their homes once cured, with their families and friends. These, a few days, They had already infected their wives and children, who began to feel ill and stopped going to work or school. Even so, nothing went beyond even the general public, only in some internet forums there was talk that they had each lower sick time in the work. Hahaha, on TV did a story on absenteeism, which it began to rise as the foam and interviews out there on the streets with people saying that if they were his chief work would be thrown, that the crisis can not do that ... lol, jokes about absenteeism were made ... PLKAFFF!!PLAFFF!! PLKAFFF!!PLAFFF!!CRACKKK!!
– shit David!! They have broken a door?
– Can not be! no Laia, not lower! Stay here with mom!! I'll see I, fuck!
– But quero down!
– No, your here with mom! It has not been a porch! They have thrown something out! From here I see nothing but broken! I only see our neighbor tried to break even over the porch window, but I think it is safe!
– Just a moment!, sweetie, We did not say a day with the downstairs neighbors if anyone had problems to light the fireplace? We said that before to stay here locked?
– And! We have to make fire to see smoke! That if there is still someone out there ...
– Of course someone stay! Of course, under it on!


Good, already lit, Now just you have to wait, and pray that someone sees us and kick us over these stinky bugs, sure someone comes.
As I was saying, jokes were made about, until one day something happened that put in front the problem, it was thanks to a massive event, where people crowded into a stadium, occupying all the seats and causing something called a 'full house' before!! Hahaha, full house, that grace phrase, juajajaja, now all are the vessels are filled!! nooo, or vessels, there are people who have to go to find natural sources!! Hahaha ... or they die on the way assailed by beasts!! jajajajaj
– Sweetie, perhaps best explain it another day, I think you should stop recording for today
– No, now I'm stuck! And I calm, not that it has been, and I calm sky
Anyway, we were before a Barca-Madrid!, you, A wide range of, perhaps not really in your life, but that game was the best football until recently, I always sang the hymn and you kept repeating it, remember?. Anyway, Barça-Madrid in the streets emptied, like now! Jajajajajaja are fucking empty! jajajjaja
– David!!!!!
sorry, and unemployment, for they were fucking empty…mppfffjajaja ... and I stop ... stop ... and that that party was the best, nearly a hundred thousand people were there watching and it was a great match!! Barca was losing two in the first part, with two goals from star,( so hated by us) and sometimes one after another crashed into the goal posts of Madrid; up to four sticks made the club in the first part!! Nerves were skin deep, that smelled comeback, I finally came in the second half ... They were such nerves, three grandparents, they used to be regulars in every game, They died from heart attacks, I imagine, three! I had heard cases where some had died, but that day there were three! They were in different parts of the stands.
Two died in the second part, another in the first. But people were so excited and nervous, only I am watching the game, nor they realized the other two who sat with drooping head and unmoving. At first it took emergency physicians, because they realized in the middle, but not the other two ....
the minute was about 49 and a play of our crack, he began to dribble past half merengue team, planting is finished with only the goalkeeper and nail an impossible Vaseline to stop, marking the 1-2, at the time of euphoria and the crowd standing celebrating, I got up one of these grandparents and began to bite anyone who had the side with a tremendous fury, infecting many who were around ... no one noticed, only those who had next. Eventually they ended up reducing it among several people and took him to the emergency room, not without resistance, clawing and biting his captors.
The same thing happened at the other end of the stadium, other grandfather got up and started again Calvary scene tinged with the same blood and spread. At the end, Barcelona overcame the minute 90, so that nobody remembered what happened. But those who returned home with a bite or scratch home, They kissed their wives or children, and without knowing they were doomed. From there…
– zeni, why do not you come up with the Laia to shed up? I know there is no light there, but we have flashlights piles of leftovers? A wide range of? You want to play hide and seek?
– Yes Dad! Hide and Seek!
– And you?,
– I, I go if something happens at a time when the ladder, I prefer you to be there and so we do not lose more time up suddenly and in a hurry
– So you think that we will not leave?
– Neither coooña, and so we left! Come, above!!
as I said, from there, it finally became known in public what happened, there were many witnesses who immediately told their friends and began to create mass blogs with photos and videos taken by those who were there ... people really began to worry about a subject that still do not just believe. At that time it was when I decided that we had to go to the mountain. We spend hundreds of € to accumulate food to burst the car, We made several trips to load the bases chock-full of canned food, seeds for planting, fruit trees, although I think missing a few years to eat its fruit, gasoline ... and also books about zombies. Then we take refuge here to see what was happening.
It happened what I feared, all it came crashing down, like those that are rotted down! jajajajaj, LOL, down ... hahaha ... and unemployment and unemployment ... Do not look at me like honey!! It is done!!
Three weeks have passed since that and there is no light from yesterday, we have to draw water from the cistern with buckets and we will make inroads to bring more water sources. Luckily I brought bottles of gasoline and pellet guns that, with a few shots accurate and within walking distance ... or kill tops! LOL. What he would have to have gun license, sure that if we were to ever have a commissioner ...


– What's going on?, the fireplace leads 30 minutes fuming and has not yet come no one? No one left to save? If only they were two and would have charged me myself!!.
– quiet love, they will come
– I have to think of something, We can not wait to pass it should not happen!
– But here in the shed may not rise!
Ya, but we smell, They know that there is someone alive and will never go! As we have to wait until you leave? further, enter is how easy, but they may not leave the same way and to stay home hanging around waiting for his moment!
– I'm going out to the terrace, I'll see if we could jump on one side where there are none, almost all are in the main entrance
I'm here, on the terrace and course, there is no 8, and there are none, jajajajajaj, there maaaass!!, LOL, Calm down shit!, but we are surrounded ... how many there are now? I tell the Laia come down and get to tell and so practice? Hahahaha ... dammit, where the hell are neighbors, It is that there is nobody?. WHY NOT GIVE HITS PARAIS SONS OF BITCH!! Leave us alone!!!. SIII, ESOOO, MIRAME ROTTEN TO FACE!! SIII, I'M HERE!! WHAT DO YOU WANT? MY FLESH? AS you can not be, Neither you nor NADIEEE!!
– HEAVEN!! You're screaming? Why you yell? Now they are more excited than before!!
– And, forgives, but you do down here? I'm going crazy, and we took a whole day so, why not get tired? Why not leave us alone!! ehhh!! ME OIS? LET ...
– Stop screaming for God!!! Think of the Laia!!
Mmm, jo..der ... that des..astre, I'm ... I ... do condemns the two ...
– Not calm, friend abrázame, do not Cry, we will leave this ...
– And!, you're right!!, let's take a rope and tied to the railing, then lower your with Laia and confuses them at the other end of the terrace, if we have to be as a last resort! We will reinforce the door to the staircase, That will give us time to escape!! Your low and take the food and drink that we need for a day or two and put it in two backpacks, and then we return to reconquer our home later!
– So I like my love, with faith!
– I do not know what I would do without you, I love you
– I will stop the camera while you prepare everything


Good, and we are ready, already they put two strings, one at each end of the terrace, luckily this terrace gives the entire back home and we can choose out where there are fewer bugs ... I am now calmer, we have 2 possible plans, get into the shed or flee jumping on the terrace, besides wait to see if someone comes after us. go, It is just battery and hard drive this butt, from now I'll have to write a diary to continue ... but now we are not to write anything, when he'd just finished!.. CRAAACKKK!! CRASSSSHH!!
– They have entered!! They have entered!!
– They have broken wood and window!!! Shit!! Shit!! Take the Laia!, what do we do, we stay or leave? Zenaida? Zenaidaaaa!! Talk affection!! What do we do? We still have some time to decide!! The door here is shored!! What do we do!! Do not cry now God!! Dime!! Reaction to!! CRACKKSS!!!PLATFF!!
– What?
– I shit on the bitch Zeni, wake!! They are knocking on the door!! Look at me!! Look at me look at me sky!! Reaction to ! I love you!!, do you hear me!! Everything will be fine!! Do you hear me!!
– ... I hear Sss..i si..te
– Pope passing?
– nothing sky, nothing, Now Mom will catch and will lower down with rope, vale? You'll see that funny. Zenaida! Look at me!! You are here? Good, vale, now you catch it and you tie it with drink holders, vale! Good, so, well tied ... now you have to go down the rope and run to the forest, to the cave we know, vale? We'll meet you there, vale?
– Y… what will you do?
– What we have said love, quiet, you just have to run up there and get you, carry the torch, do not worry, I will come later, vale?
– ... Will the
– Come, when I tell you begin to lose ... it?
– You hear?? A car! A car!! They have come!!! They have come!!
– And and! I hear it!! We are saved!!
– So we will not ...?
– And and, better than if, then we'll see ... PLAFFF PLAFFF!!
– Come, let us out ... it, sweetie, do not look back, go directly to the cave, I will come soon, vale?
– And if the child falls? I do not want to go without you!! And if you do not return we will do?
– nooo, this well tied, do not worry, I'll be there with you, or you found out and we'll be together ... to three, vale?
– ... Will the
– A peck Laia, now I come to fetch you, vale?
– We played hide and seek?
– If Laia if, Hide and Seek, But take now strong breast. muacc
– Good, alright, quiet, come, you are already, run! Run!! See you later, I'll distract!!
Vale, They have already climbed the wall, perfect, pity that I have had to invent the car and not true ... Ehh your!! Rotten!! Where are you going, see my!! You'll swallow some balinazos!! ... CRAAAACK!!! Shit, shit!! The door! the break!!, I have to go down, fuck!!!, come, I'm going down ... I have to go away and surround the road to go to the cave, I do not want to follow these bastards ...
Down!!!…fuck, the camera!!!Good, fuck, to run!!…




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