A Relaxing cup of latte in the Plaza Mayor

When I was watching the mess of the Olympics, I was not listening much, but I turn when I heard the famous phrase “a relaxing cup of café con leche” and started laughing…but there I stay!, I laughed and I forgot. But of course, You start listening to the radio and it seems like the boom year. Here I bring everything I've found

At the end, to order a latte cafetito, we say, Give me an Relanxing plis!

– Beatriz de Louis Llopis, Madrid daughter of former mayor Juan de Arespacochaga He has requested to register the expression 'Relaxing cup of coffee with milk’, as you can be seen in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

– online shopping outlets in four days:

sweatshirts – T Relaxing cup of coffee with milk

– The Original Video with subtitles

– Applications on Google Play

Google Play Relaxing

The song House of Toni Peret, that is catchy above !

Relaxing cup Original Song Direct relaxing cup mp3 download

Relaxing cup song Dj Version



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