As to remotely control a PC from the Internet for free using Google Chrome

There are many applications to remotely connect to another pc, we have the two classical forms through the programs via web (as logmein), or those that are installed using software like Teamviewer, but we knew nothing of those who installed from an internet browser like Chrome.

Well, we have another way to connect to another pc, by Google Chrome extension, which you will have to be installed on the origin and destination PC running a simple key that will introduce to make such a connection.

Operation is simple. Extension installed on both, (we must give the permissions that asks you to run extension) and then from the PC you want to control we will press the option “Share now” which will generate a code that we have to put on the other with the option “Log in now” and already, easy, fast and convenient.

If you only want to control the pc, It is what you wanted, but if you want something more, there is none. I mean that there are no more options, You can not send commands from the keyboard, if the source PC press from any combination of keys in other programs executed on the PC controlled, they do not work. As well as Nor can transfer files from each other. Neither the connection speed, colors, etc… definitely, nothing that is not control the other PC.


conexion remota gratis desde chrome

Despite that, It is a breakthrough and hopefully they will improve, that in the future may replace many others for their ease of use.

Instalar Chrome Remote Desktop


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