Types of mobile connections. Which they are 3G,4G,5G,GSM,GPRS,EDGE,HSDPA,HSUPA ?

Before writing this article, I never made it clear what kind of connection was which and for serving each. Now that I have it clear, we will see that mean and what types of mobile networks have in Spain.

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UPDATED : 9-2-2017

GPRS or 2G, GSM: It allows transfer rates 56 a 144 kbps and serves for people with little desire to surf the Internet, since the speed is like a modem old. You can use services such as WAP, SMS, MMS e Internet.

EDGE o EGPRS o 2,5G: It's about the evolution of 2G, but without being a 3G and can reach a transmission rate 384 Kbps.

3G: or UMTS: The most widely used today, we all know the classic icon on mobile. It can reach a speed of 3000 Kbps (3 Mb) depending on the city or coverage.

HSDPA or 3.5G: With this technology we be able to have up to up to 14Mb download speed. Your operator can limit those speeds 3,6, 7,2 O 14,4 Mbps under contract. On the mobile you will get a H.

3.75G HSUPA or: With this protocol data access, we can get up to 7.2Mbps upload (not down).

4G: Gives speeds 100/150 Mbps in a moving car and 50 Mbps upstream.You need a mobile that has the LTE category 4 henceforth work for you.

4G + or 4.5G LTE ADVANCED: This doubles the previous connection, some 300 Mbps download and 100 rise. You need a mobile that has the LTE category 6 henceforth work for you.

5G: This will be the next standard, scheduled for 2020…we'll talk about this when touch…but promise 10 times the speed of 4g, so wonderful news


– If you have little coverage, activates the GSM or 2G, which incidentally consumes less battery

– The HSDPA connection consumes more battery, To disable this mode and return to 3G, you have to make this code *#301279# instead of a phone number and choose the CHANGE HSPA VERSION menu and then RELEASE 99 (HSPA OFF). You can then change back to. In my Xperia code does not work.

– If you look, we can distinguish without mistakes HSDPA is speed Download and HSThePA de Upload.

– Check the actual speed of your mobile download Speedtest


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