What do they mean: Virus, malware, Trojan, worm, key logger, spyware…

I will explain the meaning of all these words which constantly read in the computer webs:

Virus: small program that extends the entire operating system to infect all installed programs and eventually slow it down (sometimes so we have no choice but to format).

Troyano,(Trojan): It is a type of malware that arrives disguised as if it were a useful program, but what ends up doing is to allow control of your pc to outsiders, also can put key loggers or backdoors .

Worm,(Worm): Its aim is to multiply rapidly and infect all possible pcs, their preferences are the emails and network multimedia.Ralentizan, Internet and pc.


key logger: Its sole purpose is to record everything you type on your computer, knowing you write, take your bank passwords, passwords etc.… then will use against you

Backdoor,(back door): As the name says, create a backdoor on your pc to sneak whenever and happens to be called BOT, with which to create a botnet that will use at will.

Exploit: Exploit vulnerabilities in a program (microsoft shows why continuously updates) and can take control of your PC.

Spyware: Spy your PC and send information from you without your knowledge.

Adware: It is the least harmful of all, simply shows advertising when you have not requested, but it is very annoying.

Rootkits: Perhaps the most difficult to remove, as it can be installed in the core of the operating system or replacing your own executable code malicioso.Tambien system they are the most difficult to detect.

Rogues,(FakeAV): They often have names like “antivirus xp 2012”, get into your system is not allowing you to navigate, run programs, continuous warnings that have many viruses…but if you allow pay your license so you can reuse your pc normally

Anyway, We all colors, which has been cast thee?


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