The false computer technicians appearing in your browser offering assistance for a virus

Now been two cases where my clients have found one web window surfing the net, where it tells that this infected by a virus and is at serious risk, and also offering local phone (91 O 93) to call , because if it were a 902 potential customers would be removed, Clear. also you “block pc” to make it more credible you have a problem; I put it in quotes because a control-alt-delete, task manager and end the browser process manually eradicate the serious problem of coup, ALT + F4 simple one one.

The point is that when you call there, They are extremely friendly and will sell the bike with a monthly subscription premium and you install 4 O 5 programs for the good of the team that cost 80 Y 250 € , this in addition to a monthly plan which is very difficult to get rid.

All these browser popups can be found on torrent download sites, porno, emule…They are in fact quite common to find if you browse around these parts. But no longer a pop-up window of a browser, nothing else.

The particular website from which I am told is or this one , also search by phone number 931816930 O 932201708.

If the web is reviewed and we are going to frequently asked questions, we see that something is not right, the entire section is devoted to subscription cancellations and refunds, which it is very strange, you believe?

The person who informed me said that was connected at 16h and ended the connection to the 4 in the morning, by installing various programs, antivirus MYInternetSecurity, and several optimizers pc as MYPCTuneUp or c-Lab Pro system, with another that is recognized malware Av Optimizer Pro.

In his facebook you can see happy and unhappy customers saying it is a scam, I think the content based on ignorance of the modus operandi (the browser popup that tells you that you are at risk), since then they install programs that are reliable (but all payment) and they are also very friendly; and unhappy is that they have realized the barbarity that have paid for software that is not necessary and the difficulty of unsubscribing later.

You has happened to you? You have a story to tell about this expensive and doubtful”Informatic support”?



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