How to be president of polling and not die trying. European elections 2014

When they call your door and go up to your floor to deliver the mandatory invitation to sit at a polling station president for European elections or which are, the first thing that goes through your head is what most ” me ca…in the P…”,etc…, we will not go into details. We deliver a manual that is what you should do there and you should be at 8 a.m for appointment.

8:00 – You come to school and this everyone there with faces of desolation and at the same time of hope all alternates praying they get headlines.

8:30 – You begin to explain the move as works

9 – Reach voters and start dancing

11 – Someone comes along who hands you your check with 62 € for each of the table.

11:15 – food shifts agree with your classmates, we did 1h each to go home and eat (1h flies !)

11:30 a 14:00 h – The worst hours and reaches half of the potential voters. At 14pm we had 200 votes of the 351 end

17:30 -19:30 – The second worst hours where comes the other half of the population.



20:00 – If you were tired here, now comes the hardest. All are rushing, everyone wants to go home as soon as possible, nobody knows which of the three yellow envelopes everything goes, first count of votes, remove the 351 (in my case) ballots and put them on the table sorting them by parties, then count them game by game, add and pray that the numbers add up,(of the 5 tables, nobody made a mistake and went well accounts).

Once counted fill them 3 times with the same numbers in 3 equal leaves, sign, put stamp, re-sign and sign more times with as many stamps for all…More leaves triplicate, sign, to seal….give to the parents of the parties that are there…All this at an incredible speed of vertigo.

Once you have completed the three envelopes, behind sealed and signed by the 4 of the table, the president must go to court alone or accompanied by another president who does not have such a hurry, where, expecting them another little surprise, a very cool tail with all the presidents of all schools that go to the same place you and at the same time your; total, half an hour once you come to court.

Tips and curiosities for the novice


1 – Take it with patience, you've had time to think that you're going to throw since the 8 a.m. to minimal the 22 p.m , 14h there will not remove them or God. Especially count well and add up the numbers, but, end at 22h will be a utopia.

2 – Bring water or nibbles, They give nothing there, apart from pens and papers to sign and seal.

3 – The three signed and stamped envelopes for the 4 the table behind on (if you forget it, in the courts make you pull back and go to another longer tail for not having done)

4 – There was a headline that did not come, and they told us that would come in 6 months notice to social work 10 months, apart from a fine, (This I can not confirm).

5 – SIGNED everything that you can sign in loose hours, envelopes the tally sheets, everything that you can sign, you do, that is assembled at 20pm fat!!

And good, my experience was good, since I was well accompanied by very nice people who made it bearable. that if, Today my back hurts and I hope you take some time to repeat the experience.


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