How to repair Chrome for errors in loading websites or blank pages

Sometimes, it may happen that Chrome stops working, the page is blank or simply do not load websites and get an error that the waiting time has ended. These things happen without doing anything special, simply stops working and do not know it.

To repair Chrome, the first that is It is to uninstall and reinstall Chrome with the option to delete the user profile included, but usually does not fix it, (or maybe in your case if you do). Or delete the user profile manually From C:\Users your username AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default folder and delete , open chrome and rebuilds the profile automatically.

eliminar perfil de chrome

Chrome works in two ways:

1 – If we have a gmail account , it is normal to be logged to the account from Chrome, whereby all historical navigation, bookmarks and extensions installed, They are automatically saved in the cloud without having to do anything. This way when we go to another pc and we log our user gmail, markers will be installed automatically, extensiones..etc…having the same we have at home.

2 – If you do not have google account, the most effective way to solve these problems is easier than it looks, but keep in mind that if we do this, we will lose all extensions, favorite, etc.. you have installed, so Aim the name of each extension and exportad favorites before to do anything.

Usad application for leave google chrome to its initial state, It makes a full erase and leave it like new:

repairer google chrome

Now it changed and the option is integrated into advanced configuration-config-clean computer.

To repair Chrome dramatically, we go to our Control Panel User google and then sync Chrome – Manage synchronization Chrome y pulsamos en Restablecer Sincronización.

como reparar google chrome

You have managed to repair your problem? Or you have other error? Please comments.

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