How to recognize fake e-mails spam

Every day we find unknown mails, and even some make us
doubt whether they are true or not. I myself once pique, until the 2nd mail me
I started researching the answers of the man who wrote to me in English.

Googling a bit I realized that it was a system whereby, You put your thing
to sell and you sent an email saying they wanted and they would set aside.
He said he would send me a check for the amount…Y…I get the check! but with an amount much higher than asked. The trick was that I was sending the package, and the 3 days should answer me I no longer wanted and that his money back.

The scam is that to return the money to your bank account, It was real money, and to the 3 weeks my bank tell me that check I entered, was false and that me deducted from my account.

Definitely, I had left without the item sold without my money on
account, redondo.

Good, after that, There are some websites that can detect whether an address
mail is true or false. Although some I have found that the mail is
real, but obviously everything is a montage. Since this web you can see it


You ever tried?


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