Ray Donovan a TV series that engages and gives you wanting more

They depart continually series and new series, but the 10 you try, you will probably like two or three really. Well Ray Donovan achieves this is one of the best series of the season, a ten!

For your, the reader, understand what my filter to tell if a number is good or bad I'll tell my keys to decide, so, every time you say that a series is good, You know where to go and if you you'll like too.

My keys for a series like me are:

1 – the theme, in this series it was unclear just reading the synopsis that was:

Ray is an expert in solving problems for the rich and powerful of Los Angeles, but whose family, South Boston, stop giving no worries.

What I caught my attention was the lead actor and curiosity that had the rich and problems as solved.

critica ray donovan

2 –See the first chapter, usually if the first does not convince, It is that it is not your number (Is not always that way, in breaking bad it cost me because of how slow it is at the beginning).

For me hooked from the first chapter, as it leaves you clear what all, and solves the problems of the rich and problems in your family.

3 – The credibility of the actors.

For me it is very important that you convey things acores, they have a very strong personality and that its decisions are always meaningful to their way of being.

For in this series also embroider all.

4 – Like ending a chapter and want to see the next

Like many other series, there are some who see the chapter and you can expect trouble a week to see another, but others like it, makes you want to see more (without achieving this imperative as the first season of Prison Break)

Tips if you're going to see Ray Donovan:

Do not look at while you're on the computer or chatting with mobile, because you'll lose things and then you lost more than Rajoy trying to speak English.

If you do not like dramas, do not look at her. I have not seen a funny scene in this series, as it is a full-fledged drama

If you want to see how solves the problems of the rich, do not miss it, as “mafia”, blackmailer and a few employees who have, they do what he says and it already will find…

In summary, a great Drama, some great characters, a great plot and its peculiar way of solving problems make it an almost perfect series to enjoy!

My note 9/10




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