Nightcrawler film criticism and personal opinion

Nightcrawler is a movie of those that are selected when they are not on the grid the hobbit, transformers, The Hunger Games, etc…and you say, look, this looks like it may be well, and you go to the movies with these doubts but excited about if you can get a surprise.

For this pride, intriguing, surprising and exciting film comes noiselessly and goes almost like a cult, at least in my opinion. The official argument does not prepare you for what you'll see:

“Nightcrawler is the story of a young man who discovers the world of freelance journalism in no safe environment for this profession: the criminal underworld of the city of Los Angeles, in California. Young life will change a lot because of this discovery, near even the weak boundary between risk and danger.”


When the film begins and starts getting into freelance journalism on their own, what you expect from the film is that of someone who will fulfill his American dream, the problems encountered, as it gets, to become famous and then as coletilla show you that with effort and win everything you can…etc… we know how those movies…but…Nothing is further from reality

This movie draws us as a real psychopath, as acts and what he can do to get their way with empathy toward others of 0.

How long a movie cinema I get to unnerve? long time; the car chase frantic put me what it meant and how to do it. I do not say nothing if not you seen.

Definitely, If you have not seen, id to the movies and Seize this fantastic thriller, with a great Jake Gyllenhaal and actors are in tune at any time of the plot and embroidering.



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