Critical and personal opinion of the horror film The Collector

I, before seeing it knew nothing of it, He had only seen the cover image, which, I suggested going to a serial murderer and persecution detectives after each murder, and that the murderer had to bring something to your collection, because the movie is called The Collector…

But, it is nice to think one thing and then be another!(though admittedly not look at me or argument).

The Collector opinión personal

The point is that we have a great movie something gore, where, from minute 20 you begin to suffer until the last minute seeing is a madman who does not say a word (in the 88 minutes that the movie) Not only kills a whole family and to all that he stands in front, but fills the house traps if anyone tries to hide or escape, have no chance escape vivo.

In the film we see one of the protagonists of Californication (which “writes” fucking book and hitting) that does not last long, the truth.

It is the first film He is director, Marcus Dunstan, and once you see its journey in the world of cinema, It is perfectly understandable that made this movie, as He was the author of several horror movies like Saw, Feast y Piranha 3D.

Definitely, for my film is not so much the sets, or if you have failures script, but if you entertain or not; If you into the story and makes you put on the skin of the protagonist, because I give him a 8 Final note.

I hope the sufráis much as I!


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