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Our Services for Windows

Fine tunning: We optimize your system to go faster, along with viruses and Trojans scan if your antivirus has not detected. This procedure usually takes about 1h.

Cleaning virus , (malware, trojans, Advertising windows).

Error Messages , (printers, scanners, PC boot, Office…etc..).

Create a network of two or more PC , although one is Windows 7 and the other XP.

configure Wifi

Installing antivirus free if it has or is out of date.

Backup data in the cloud to have your data in a safe place.

Our Web Services

Website Creation. Online stores, blogs, pages Company.

Web analytics for SEO search engine optimization. We make an analysis and tell you if your website is optimized for proper indexing of their content on Google. Fill out the form from this blog computer news

Creating logos for company web pages, Facebook, twitter.

Repair hacked websites wordpress, prestashop, joomla, html ... repair your web to get it working again and we ensure that does not happen again.

Examples of websites already delivered to customers so they can see the quality:

The following website is dedicated to travel Resorts:

Web of reforms in Barcelona:

Web Services and real estate solutions, activities and works :