Testing anti-mosquito repellent ultra sound Coati, works?

As I do not see much news about ultrasonic mosquito repellents, I decided to buy one of the brand Coati and I would say here if it works or mosquitoes continue to enter and roam freely.

Say that in my house, from June, a tiger mosquito comes almost every day peck me more than anything, because my wife and daughters just bite them.


Well here are the conclusions Live, as I bought yesterday, put the:

DAY 1 (night 3 al 4 of July 2014)

One day means nothing, but I can say that it has not entered any, if it endures well one week, it may say it works, since almost every day comes 1.

DAY 2 (night 4 al 5 of July 2014)

Another day clean mosquito, let's see if it lasts a week…

DAY 3 (night 5 al 6 of July 2014)

3 days and still missing, we will see, but so far it is working

DAY 4 (night 6 al 7 of July 2014)

The thing is booming, 0 from 4, and we continue to believe it will begin to

DAY 5 (night 7 al 8 of July 2014)

Interestingly my still have not bitten me, but my wife found one in the morning and to have stung once, then I kill him in a strange area, as it was in the area of ​​the room that was farther from gizmo, no longer curious

DAY 6 (night 8 al 9 of July 2014)

No news

DAY 7 (night 9 al 10 of July 2014)

Nothing at all

DAY 8 (night 10 al 11 of July 2014)

No mosquito in sight. The truth, what in 8 days have just appeared one day, It's very weird, I think the anti-mosquito coati doing something, so that in 8 days only a mosquito and also at the opposite end to where this, is rare.

DAY 9 (night 11 al 12 of July 2014)

It has failed, It snuck one that woke me with 2 chopped, and at that hour of the morning bite lot, anyway, so beautiful could not be.

DAY 10 (night 12 al 13 of July 2014)


DAY 11 (night 13 al 14 of July 2014)


DAY 12 (night 14 al 15 of July 2014)

Se ha colado otro y ha picado a mi mujer, no se si será por que yo compre el repelente, pero parece que ahora le pican más a ella que a mi 😉

RESUMEN: desde el 15 al 21 de Julio, se han vuelto a colar 2 más en un mismo día, pero estaba apagado y lo encendí tardeasí que no se que opináis vosotros, yo creo que aunque se hayan colado, antes entraban casi cada día y ahora hay días de por medio que no entran…of course INFALIBLE esta claro que NO es.

Otra cosa que noto es que no tengo esas mosquitas pequeñas que salen de la humedad y el calor en la cocina, other than that el día que lo desenchufo, entra un mosquito seguro. Sincerely, creo que este aparato funciona muy bien, pero no al 100%



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