Norauto workshop that made me lose time, negative criticism and real case

Every day in the morning oia and I keep hearing a notice of Norauto talking to Check the tires 35.000 Km, and it turns out that already carry mine 56.000, so checking them thought that the front were quite tired and I started looking online tire finding the best price with the shop closer to home, and he appeared Norauto.

The impression given into the web of Norauto is excellent, te the de alta, you login, the search for excellent tire, excellent purchase and all very clarito, You can make an appointment at the workshop for assembly in one step; a fantastic web, but….

…I I did purchase a Wednesday to mount the wheels one following Tuesday, everything was ok, Right, then comes that Tuesday, leave before work, my wife will search girls to school, a move to change the wheels and they tell me that the tires have not arrived and that there is no exact model in stock (although we talk about that instead of 91V are 91W, Nor it was nothing).From there I go to another date for next Tuesday.


Arrives next Tuesday (the same move of girls at school and leave work early…), I pick up the car, I change tires, I returned the keys and they tell me I have the car parked outside, They give me the bill, I go and nothing else...I just want to say that I expected the shop technician wait for me outside and I explained if everything was ok, if you think the rear tires hold off longer, if you needed replacing in x km more, If they saw that the brakes were not going well…etc… I do not know, someone told me before I left something. nothing, cold as ice.

I come home and made the mistake of not seeing if everything was ok and I realize that the assumption 215/50 / R17 91W , I had put 225/55 / ​​R17 104W (These tires do not pass the ITV because they are not equivalent). So I call a 902 (since I have not found another way to find a free number…) workshop and say pass me the next day he had to get them out, but tell me if I had the pedi or not…

The next day I return call the workshop, I talk to someone who asks me Tire are correct and call me to confirm whether they had it in stock…Nobody called me but I was also, and less bad, it turns out that if they had my model and finally put it putting me correct…but…and, there's still more…

…I leave for home and the car was going to the left…evidently they had not made the corresponding equilibration which it is made whenever wheels are changed, I turn and back. I ask tecnico different and even tells me, but only had to change the wheels?…in fin..1h later finally they balance it well and come home to 21:20 h.

positive findings

– All very friendly, both people shop and secretary, and neither nor but no for an answer (if not so, and it would be very strong all)

– A very cool web, clear and well organized


– To change a pair of tires I had to go 4 times

Norauto website seems to not update your stock competently, as you sell and then not know whether or not will have

There seems to be a lot of communication between the distributor of the brand with Norauto, because when I went the first time nor had in the workshop, nor they had the exact model and neither would have had no idea whether or not available.

They put a tire that were not equivalent to mine and not only compatible with the car, I guess a technician that changes every day should know that little detail.

– There are people who do not overwhelms both these things, but It took me sleep the night before because they did not know if they did or not, if I would put another model that did not want or know that they had already thrown the original mine and no way to go as he had come.

– Must get out 3 Sometimes before work and get my wife out to look for the girls

Give the car keys and not explain anything how he had gone or if they had any advice on the overall condition of the car or just pure courtesy.

Change for the second time checho tires without alignment corresponding

– Accumulate a total waste of time 5h between the 3 days, gasoline spending between going and return 4 times


It is that people usually write news when things go wrong and not when they are good, and I may be a case between each 10, but I can definitely not advise anyone workshop but finally got change.

The impression given is that of being a fast-food of car repair shops.

P.D: I sent an email of complaint to customer Norauto from the web the 12-12-2014 and I still hope to answer…


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