The best comments online about the referendum for independence of Catalonia

It really does not impress me that so many people are against the Catalan referendum 1 October 2017, Predictably, what really impressed me are the hurtful comments, accusers, despisers of the Catalans and they doubt whether these people really want to stay in Spain Catalonia or the opposite.

There are comments that I found out there :

  • I do not quite buy anything made in that pigsty of Nazi Catalanists.. And I do not care whether the company, if pro-independence or not, because buying products made there, you will be giving a job to one of these pigs NAZI Catalanists.. I recently changed my car, of course the SEAT nor I have looked, SEAT to sell him the Maghreb, To me, certainly not.. If all Spaniards did this, all this separatist tale ended in 3 months, but a lot of people comment on here, much indignation, and then go with your Seat Leon, They take your chocolate milk for breakfast, and Tarradellas pizza for dinner.. And so these despicable Nazis Catalanists treat us like they treat us..
  • where it will not be the SEAT but is manufactured in Catalonia, and its fiscal headquarters are in Catalonia, so the Germans would do well to take the factory to Francia o Aragón if they want to continue selling cars.. And I do not talk to me flag eagles, I've never been to carry eaglets, but ye are the estelada, you are exactly like those who go around with the eaglet, ye are the same dogs with different collar, there is nothing like Francoist ago 60 years, that the Nazis stellate Catalanists of today.. Note that until you propose the same model that the country that had the Francoist, one in which judges, officials, and journalists have to be necessarily related to NaZionalista ideological movement.. In the Francoist case they had to be related to the national movement Francoist, and in your case the national independence movement.. (textual words of the separatist ERC judge Santiago Vidal) ¿Santiago Vidal saying on judges, officials or journalists who were not related to movement idiologico NaZionlista? Ah.. and, they would be deported to Spain once declared unilateral independence.. A Catalonia with a single language, a single ideology, and on the expansionistic air con Catalan Countries, come on, the famous “A, Great and Free” Franco lifetime.. By the way, Communists are not better, 100 millions of deaths throughout history, double the Fascismo… In Europe, the Communists are not considered heroes, They are considered Genocidas, It is that you're out very little of your imperial Catalonia.. Stop watching La Tuerka, and TV3%..
  • raza superior de 🐷 separatistas iros a tomar por el culo

– Is evidente que el nazismo y franquismo son los inspiradores de los naZionalistas catalanes. Genial comparación . O la Gran Alemania nazi con los pasos catalans, o el lema una lengua ,un pueblo un estado . Pure fascism. – We are already seeing so many occasions, that these independistas to them fills her mouth with the word democracy, They are using the same tactics used by the Third Reich of NACIS, very Hitlerite them…

  • if you want to go to beat it we do not need money for anything stack we'll see how we save and pay pensions and their officials
  • You are not a superior race you are a race so fucking trash
  • Ah I see much out there Catalan independence…one thing…You never ye a nation,or you are a superior race as it seems you want to imply if you have clear, stop spending public money on trips to Bruxelas to ridicule; Spain is not only the PP, Y hatred that you feel about Spain is unfounded and unfocused.
  • Already Catalan or Catalan shift speaking or writing in his dialectillo so you will not understand anyone and give them special,apart is a dialect that sounds awful,is not a dialect nice to be so proud / or.
  • Franco already said: “enemies of the country: red and separatists”.
  • always they used the strategy victimista the purest Zionist script, this rabble not care rob and plunder, provided they are Catalans,when THIEF piece of sacking a Catalan institution pujol the press critical, but these catachungos, They said it was an attack on catachunga. embassies are invented to sack the government, anyway, an aberration after another,really they are worse than the Nazis, these current governments are weak with this putrida ralea, without tackle them.
  • Vote if the separatists are banished to the desert of Monegros….. all very democratic, that if !!
  • The problem is that Indepes have been educated in the laws are enforced or not at will.And the fact of being obliged to comply,they do not like,then we talk about Franco,of colonizer Spain or “An attack on Catalonia”If they want to organize a State,read the memoirs of Pancho Villa and his mariachis.Se They note that Pepe Gotera are nothing more than the organization of the referendum,they are a bungling that neither local cinema
  • They have gotten into a quagmire and do not even know how to get out. As they intend to run a state if they are not able to lead a community of neighbors?
  • Spaniards came to Catalonia weak psychology and culture have paid an ideological and linguistic toll to live in that region, They have been indoctrinated and are now useful idiots of secessionism, anyway, They never are estimated by the Catalans with eight surnames.
  • No Spanish buy collation ni Nutella to see if they rot in misery for supporting independence
  • These people are from another planet of…silly ass if only for a few would leave the Catalans caste surnames…That is pure Nazi style fascism…that is the A.D.N of some dogs
  • The independence movement was breast in Catalan school and preached in antennas, in Parliament, in Diputaciones, in municipalities, County councils in, in township enterprises, And in Foundations ..., while fantoches, monigotes, gallinetas, ruffians, puppets and marionettes multifarious distract staff, in public schools are indoctrinated to independence tomorrow.
  • #155OF It is a constitutional right to suspend the autonomous rebel against the Law
  • Simply, Rajoy and his government has left them defenseless against the naziseparrata machinery!!

Anyway, there are thousands and thousands of comments like these in multiple webs, facebook, twitter..etc…Now I put some very strange websites, which some of you will enjoy and others to hate:

Catalibanes, its definition

catalufo, its definition

Todos los vídeos del 1 de Octubre 2017

the catalufo, anyway, It is an unfriendly and rude guy who believes that others are unsympathetic. but of course, It has its costs. You can not go anywhere without his shirt “Catalonia is not Spain”, if possible washed. If you go to football, you must take your flag “starry”, and see that gives heat in summer. It has to be aware of conferences españolistas fascists to go to take for ass, work that gives read. Besides being pissed off all day is bad for your karma and consumes energy.

NOTE : No offensive comments will not be tolerated in this article, if both do and will be deleted; if anyone believes that or look like what you have just read, Thank you.


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