League 2013/2014 the last match of Barcelona vs Athletic and final Champions

Starting from the beginning, I say I'm culé of life and for life, said this will give my view on this final league so “thrilling” with respect to 3 finishers, and, they are three, something unheard of for many years.

Atletico Madrid


League deserves? , If we look at the last league matches, we would say that if they deserve for how well they have competed, but if we think the Spanish league is 38 matches, then we would say that deserves the Barcelona was leader during 23 days and he began skating progressively to now, to gamble in the last game and having wasted many punctures Atleti.

17 of May 2014 , New field, Barcelona-Atletico Madrid

If Barca win, wins the league, Any other option is for athletic.

My opinion is that eventually tying the club with a goal from Messi and Atletico draw finiquitará league.

Update 2014-05-19 : All successful unless the goal of Messi (although he annulled a legal goal !!)

Regarding the Champions League final, the same thing will happen at Valencia in that final in which he shook legs against Real Madrid and lost playing fatal? or not…

FC Barcelona


League deserves? If we like the Spanish league “regular tournament”, the only time it was is in the first round, It is much more regular athletic in his game.

To expect a Barca with Messi reserves for the world and that the eggs Tata does not change even just walk through the countryside, a Pique seems to return from injury later that day without rhythm games, a Neymar that the environment does not want to play if you are injured before the World Cup, a Pinto that seems to go big his post, a Tata who knows not motivate his players, a failure Alexis goals and making only 1 week before and they were all on vacation?

Real Madrid


deserved league? obviously not, since it has never lived up, and once achieved the end of champions no longer exists no more for whites than the desired Tenth. Unexplained streak 2 consecutive draws and defeat in Vigo made all out option.

Neither the Madrid press has struck much, since being in the Champions League final have forgiveness.

Definitely, Madrid is a team that is playing on one card, and we know how to end it can, It is what usually happens in a game when you go to get a draw, that ends up losing.

Final champions League, 24 of May 2014, Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid

My opinion has always been that wins athletic, however it remains to be seen how it ends the league and that tempers reach the final.

Update 2014-06-01: By 2 minutes Atletico win the final, once he tied the Madrid, was a matter of knowing that minute of extra time marked the Madrid, and Atletico could not stand the physical effort.

What would be content to all the cup for Madrid, the league for Barca and Madrid for Champions, we'll see how it ends. Because we know…zero ranker for Barca.


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