The adventure of making a adsl and telephone portability Jazztel ONO

Coverage in my area is not very good and What me daba 6 Mb download and upload miserable 25kb, so for 5 years and paying a lot for such a poor connection. For you to imagine how poor is rising it is that go up 10 6Mb files to dropbox was thrown more than 30 minutes, besides slow navigation As he climbed online.

As the times ONO ask if there was any way to increase those speeds, I was told that was not possible in my area, enduring as…until they ballooned me…and he gave me call jazztel, where I was assured by phone in my area came 12Mb and 1Mb upload (all know it is hard to believe what you tell us a commercial and the reality after). But of course, the girl was so friendly, so clear and pleasant, that in the end I told myself, good, I pay less and you may have the speed I want, and if you do not reach the maximum, certainly improves the rise.

Commercial assured me that would be a maximum of 6 hours without internet phone.

So I jumped at the portability and 12 days after Movistar technician appears to change line and my first thought was “Now this I changed the line and I shot x days without internet until I get the router”, but no, since I left and ono connected only added Jazztel.

portabilidad de Ono a Jazztel


– Here comes the first problem…This telephone technician should have left everything connected properly to the router just to get out plugging, but he picked saying that another would come and jazztel to place a small box that did not have at that time.

24-03-2014, 16:00: The day before disconnecting Ono (they had 15 days to call), They call me and offer me everything I wanted before, I wanted more speed? no problems since I gave the same speed jazztel, the price was very expensive, They gave me a super deal with permanence 1 year…this was all to accept it, but should call to cancel portability jazztel…making sure that never again nor could they charge me penalties any to cancel with jazztel.

24-03-2014, 16:30 : Jazztel call, and tell him to cancel portability…his answer was very calm and cheerful, I caught his calm and told me, you have offered them? it comes, I make my bid for thinking that but we'll have to charge a penalty of € 160…again, convinces me and say go ahead with portability (and I had done a rebate)

25-03-2014 8:00: internet goodbye, I left with nothing, and I started counting 6 hours…to 11:30 in the morning I get the router, come on , all perfect if it was not because…the telephone did his job correctly making the connection!!

25-03-2014 14:30: Seeing that connecting the router did not give me sign, logically, call and asked a technician to finish the installation, They told me I had high priority…

The call left me a phone jack in the box input connections, so buy a cable end super phone connecting to the router and voila! internet running.

26-03-2014 14:30: No news at the front

27-03-2014 13:00: The Doorbell, hi i am Jazztel, live here X ? and, we come to make the connection, up…it follows that we could not communicate in a 2 days….that no phone is correct…it is obviously even the fixed and mobile would not had it bad !!!!

In 15 minutes we had everything working, a very friendly technician, like all of Jazztel


1 – 77h disconnected Internet and telephone hours (Thanks to the long cable tlf buy, if I had internet)

2 – Portability would have been perfect if it were not for the Movistar, he did not do his job.

3 – I get 10Mb downstream and 1Mb upstream

4 – That ONO not offered me everything I wanted from the day the request for portability and waited for the last day, when they knew they would have a penalty if they passed jazztel 7 days from the start of portability?

Why not ONO offers everything you can without having to ask for things?

5 – When they will improve communication between companies?

My case has not been traumatic, but surely someone of you if you have been. Stating that I have no connection with Jazztel, if something happens in the future I will edit this post if something goes wrong or do wrong.



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