Blog meets TuSoporteOnline 2 years over 800 daily visits

This blog believes that after considering my previous website called needed updating. as it was made with Php Nuke cms, something that was promised but outdated for my needs.

At that time I devoted more to rip movies 1 cd, or games and share them on emule and put news like now, but there was virtually android, so there was nothing that.

That was my old web, It is an image of 2009, but started in 2003, and before this there was another.

antigua web


He had many daily visits, but, the truth, I did not set much about it as now, I not am thinking about the SEO at the time (I think very few thought about that).

Now, This site has a 800 daily visits, with highs 1025 visits approximately, even in June comes to have 1200 every day!

I'm still in search of a partner to this website to enter your own news, but it seems that did not promote good page, since no one has ever sent me an email to contact me.

Having a blog means many hours spent, But I like it, since they are already doing this many years and I think my articles serve and help many people.

Thank you for visiting this blog!


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