All about Google Home, best commands, tricks and how it works with chromecast

I had in mind for some time, and finally I decided to buy my Google Home , the big one (It looked much bigger in the pictures, but is not).The first tests were a bit disappointing, but it will be getting the hang of and has its charms, jokes not ask him to tell….level are going two down the middle…but are jokes, and.

Right out of the box all you have to do is connect it to the current, and then install the app google home Android on your mobile and is practically next next…Set up your voice, wifi password and basic config ends. If you have a chromecast also set equal.

Commands to talk to Google Home WITHOUT CHROMECAST more useful :

  • The most important command …“GOOGLE OK EXIT”… deja de hacer lo que está haciendo, a marvel!!
  • Ok Google …. Good Morning : This tells you the weather today, if there is traffic congestion if you go to work and news of the day. To set the news must go to Home-news-more options and there put or remove news sources (very limited sources)
  • with Spotify do you have 2 options, If you have an account free, You can only tell pon hip hop music,pon la playlist “my songs” O “play music Prince”. If you have a premium account you can tell pon song Michael Jackson thriller or artist you want you want. Para configurar las fuentes de canciones es desde Home-más opciones-Música. It can also be configured with google play music or youtube music.
  • He light control I have not been able to prove, but there are two brands that are working with Home and Philips Hue, IKEA TRÅDFRI o TP-Link (Wireless latter is incorporated in the bulb and does not need any accessories like the other two). The system will be operated with an investment of 37 € to 120 € for a 3 light bulbs…
  • Fantastic command to listen to your favorite radio You will wear it more than once, “Ok Google pon the radio Los 40” or any station.
  • As robot-calculator, “how much is it 50 + 60 “, “how much is it 10 from 2” O “how much is it 10 For 2”, “As is the square root of 20 “, “How much is 10 60 percent”
  • as an alarm clock : “put an alarm to 9 in the morning”, o concretando.. put an alarm to 9 Morning every weekday”
  • Consult the Google home address of a site : What is the address X”
  • Time : What time will do today or what the weather will do in New York
  • Carrying the shopping list: I do not see helpful, but there, Ok Google…Añade a la lista de la compra leche o Cual es mi lista de la compra?
  • Who is that person? . Who is ok google Prince? , you briefly describe who is from wikipedia
  • Home as a translator : as they say hello in German?
  • as timer : Put a countdown 5 minutes, let me know in 5 minutes
  • You like football or other sports: when you are playing Barca ? who is leader first? who is the coach of X ? when the next round of Champions League?
  • Flip a coin, Give me a beat, Cuántos dólares son un euro, which means considering, sings Happy Birthday
  • Up or down the volume your speaker : “Turn up the volume” “pon volume 8”
  • You can connect a speaker or Bluetooth Soundbar and output the audio by the.

Google Home vs Mini. The 2 They carry bluetooth

Commands to talk to Google Home with CHROMECAST more useful :

Chromecast thought no longer worth and so cool you? , as Chromecast or a TV with integrated DC you're going to freak out.

If you use the chromecast connecting the power cable directly to the TV, you must change it and connect the cable to an outlet other than. The reason is that If you do so and your TV supports HDMI CEC, podrás encender y apagar la tele diciendo ok google enciende la teleme in 1 week I've already used, Too bad we do not allow change channels or anything else, But it's a start!

  • put Videos : Imagine the situation, you stretch on the couch with the TV off and say : ok google put the video michael jackson thriller on TV…in 10 seconds had turned on the TV and connected to youtube to put video…Awesome.
  • Poner Netflix : tan simple como decirle “pon Stranger Things de Netflix en comedor”, (dining room is the name of my chromecast)

SERVE YOUR COMMENTS : You have useful commands that help us all? if you put me I will go adding comments, because if a post should be amended in time , is this!! THANK YOU !


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